WINNER UPDATE – Congratulations to Elizabeth Schlosser this week’s lucky winner!

Yahoo, its  Wednesday and we are super duper excited to be partnering up with Totally-Tiffany! Do you need to get organized? This prize package is for you! Win a Paper Storage Cart!  WOWZERS!Paper Storage Cart by Totally Tiffany | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine The latest and greatest from Totally-Tiffany – meet our new Paper Storage Cart.
You’re going to love it!
This new paper storage cart will hold thousands of sheets of paper.
Imagine being able to pull your paper right up next to your chair while you’re crafting.
The prize includes the cart and 5 of our 12×12 Paper Handler Paper Storage Boxes.
Full disclosure, these are due to arrive at our warehouse at the end of September or early October.  We’ll ship to the winner as soon as they arrive.

To enter to win this contest leave a comment right here under this blog post

1. Visit Totally Tiffany on Facebook – CLICK HERE – Say hello from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine!
2. Leave a comment right here under this blog post.

You have until Friday, Sept 21st at midnight to enter for your chance to win.

Good luck everyone! Subscribe today to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine. When you do – you will find us in your mailbox four times a year. No trying to find us on newsstands. Each issue is filled with scrapbooking, paper crafting, stamping, card making, home decor and so much more. We are sure to inspire your creative juices. Don’s miss a single issue.


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  1. LeeAnne willuans Reply

    I have been eyeing all of totally Tiffany products fir a while!!

  2. Wow! I have a new craft room, and this would be perfect in it.

  3. I love the cart and totally Tiffany! I need to get more organized and have started with one of her products already ..This would be perfect for me! Thank you for chance to win one!

  4. Sue miller Reply

    Wools like a great tool. I would love that to organize my paper!

  5. What a wonderful product…perfect for any Scrapbooker!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Susan Lowe Reply

    I love my scraprack and this would be perfect for organizing my markers and paper.

  7. I own several older totally Tiffany products and I still love them! Thanks for the chance to win! This looks absolutely fabulous!

  8. Linda Gosselin Reply

    Awesome prize! This would be handy. Having a paper selection right by your side would help to move the creative process along!


  9. Kelly Kennedy Reply

    Oh, this looks so handy! I have paper everywhere and finding what I need is tough!

  10. Wow oh WOW!! Saw her post the other day in my fed and I just drooled! What an awesome piece of storage! Thank you for this opportunity to win this! You gals rock … again! 😘

  11. This would complete my craft room/office makeover. Perfect paper storage solution

  12. Anette Meandro Reply

    I went to Tiffany’s website and she does have some amazing organizational tools!!

  13. Jeanne Beam Reply

    Great giveaway! Such an awesome cart!
    Thanks for sharing…

  14. I visited and left a comment in messages. I’d love to win this cart. My space needs to be put in order. I could even take this to crops.

  15. Victoria Cox Reply

    I am trying to organize my small room and would love this. Thanks

  16. I am SO excited for TT paper cart!!! My hoard of paper needs organized the most out of alll of my supplies.

  17. Wow! What a fantastic cart! Hope to see it in my craft space!

  18. Lori Brouse Reply

    What a great giveaway! I love Totally Tiffany’s carts and would love to win this one!

  19. Nancy Gnagi Reply

    This would be a great addition to my scrapbooking space!

  20. Kristen Pratt Reply

    I absolutely love Totally-Tiffany products. This cart looks fantastic!

  21. Adrienne S Reply

    Ive been slowly building my Totally Tiffany organizing products. I love them more and more each day!

  22. Of all the things in the craft room to organize, scrapbook papers seem to be the most difficult because of their ability to wrinkle and rip. This cool organizer looks like it would takcare of those issues.

  23. Konnie Kranenburg Reply

    What a fabulous prize! Have fun in Calgary CSM… I’ll see you there next year!

  24. This really looks like a solution to many of my issues in my craft room. Way to go Tiffany!

  25. Sherri Casazza Reply

    I would love the opportunity to win this cart! Thank you.

  26. I need paper storage so bad. I have a few TT storage bags and would love to add this. Her products are great.

  27. juanita belcher Reply

    That would help with my re-organizing in my tiny craft room!

  28. Thank you for the contest. This looks like a fabulous product.

  29. Debbie Owens Reply

    I’m a paper hoarder …lol I need this to get some of it together. Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  30. Love Totally Tiffany products. Would love to have the new paper storage cart.

  31. Lana Younger Reply

    I’m so excited about this new Paper Storage Cart. I’ll be so glad when it’s available!

  32. GEORGIA CARL Reply

    Would love to win this cart!!! What a super giveaway!!!

  33. Diana chen Reply

    This cart is amazing! So much easier that having my paper in piles!

  34. I would love to win this prize. It would be extremely useful in my craft room.

  35. Toni Alderfer Reply

    so ready to get the paper cart – it will go right next to my companion cart – love all the totally tiffany products i already have – buddy bags, ditto tool organizer, crop seat, paper handlers 🙂

  36. Oh I have been lusting over this whole system for quite awhile. Would love to see this addition in my craft room!

  37. Love this cart!!! Would be a huge help organizing my papers

  38. Kathryn Harris Reply

    I’ve been a fan of Tiffany’s for a few years. She has helped me get from chaos to organized. Definitely will get this cart.

  39. I’ve been waiting for this cart to be released for two weeks now. Planning on using it for projects and unfinished projects that are in large ziploc bags in Totally Tiffany’s stand-up holders. I need to make more space on my table. Thx for the chance.

  40. Dawn Thomas Reply

    That would be awesome! I need a new solution for my paper£

  41. Joyce Norwood Reply

    I so need this. My paper and supplies are out of hand. I have them everywhere. This would totally make a difference.! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Heather Guy Reply

    I am so excited for this cart and can’t wait to get one!!! Hopefully I win one instead! Thanks Creative Scrapbooker!

  43. Diane Telford Reply

    I love this new cart and would love to win one to get my paper organized…thank you for the chance to win…

  44. Wendy Little Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win a Totally-Tiffany Paper Storage Cart.

  45. Oh my gosh! I Totally need this cart! Love it and would be over the moon to win it! Thank you for the chance to win 😊

  46. Robin Gere Reply

    I love this cart! It will be a great addition to my scrap room. I have the other cart with the baskets and it is amazing. Most of my scrap room storage is by Totally Tiffany!

  47. Leslie Miller Reply

    I’m so excited!! Paper is always so hard to organize (for me). I look forward to enjoying your blog!

  48. I love all of Tiffany’s products! Can’t wait to see this cart in person.

  49. What a great prize. I love anything that helps organize my happy place.

  50. Karen Frobisher Reply

    Always looking for new storage ideas and this one is perfect to roll around and have handy right by your side when working on projects. Thanks for the chance to win Totally-Tiffany and CSM!

  51. Leslie Kiley Reply

    I would love a leg up in getting my craft room organized! This cart looks very well make and I would love to store some of my stash on it!

  52. Joan Tabor Reply

    This cart would be the answer to all my prayers to get my scrapbooking papers organized. Might even need two. lol. Would love to win!

  53. I have been waiting for this cart! Fingers crossed! Working on the Get Organized Challenge now!

  54. Robin Chartier Reply

    I love all of my Totally Tiffany products! This would be a great addition.

  55. Patti Fitzpatrick Reply

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway! I love Tiffany’s products – I have several and have never been disappointed with any of them!

  56. Leslie Zee Reply

    I love Totally Tiffany products and adding this cart is the perfect sffition to my organizational efforts.

  57. I would so love to win this. I am in the process of organizing and love tototally Tiffany products!

  58. Helen Salter Reply

    This cart will look great alongside my other TT products

  59. I was just at a crop and the lady next to me had an amazing organizer from your shop! Great job!

  60. Cathie Froese Reply

    Totally Tiffany, that is the BEST scrapbooking cart I have ever seen! Sweet! I’d love to have that. Thank you for the opportunity, Creative Scrapbooker magazine.

  61. Thx so much!!! Organization is the first step!!!! Love to get together with friends and craft!!!!

  62. Thx so much!!! Organization is the first step!!!! Love to get together with friends and craft!!!! Thx again!!!

  63. Vincentia Faddis Reply

    Really like this paper cart. Crossing fingers for good luck!

  64. I will love too have a craft room. I need to be more organized. Love the cart. Storage is A*

  65. Would be so great to win this Paper Organizing cart from Totally Tiffany and Creative Scrapbooker! Have had to reorganize my whole house in order to bring my husband home since his stroke and would love to organize my scrapbooking stuff so I can start scrapbooking again.

  66. Debbie Amrhein Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these fantastic carts! I need one!

  67. That’s a great organizer! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  68. Jeannette Marks Riley Reply

    How great it would be to win this and hep me organize things that I usually l just stare at because I don’t know what to do with it! Thanks!!

  69. OMG! This is the cat’s meow. Would love to add this to my scrapbook room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. Teresa Lawrence Reply

    Oooh! What a fun giveaway! Would love to win!!! 😎

  71. Karen Weisher Reply

    Just started Tiffany’s new organizational challenge. This would help me so much. Thanks Tiffany and Creative Scrapbooker for the chance to become organized and tiffanized.

  72. I would love this! I’m on a mission to get organized! Woo!

  73. What a great storage solution! It’s on my wish list now! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  74. Love totally Tiffany. Been eyeing a few of her products for awhile now.

  75. Mary Pat Randall Reply

    I have been waiting to add this to my Tiffanized studio! I really NEED this for my paper storage!!!

  76. Would love to win the paper storage cart. Would be a great addition to my craft room.

  77. Cheryl fleming Reply

    I love Totally Tiffany!! I have several of her products!!

  78. MaryAnn Floyed Reply

    MaryAnn Floyed, I love Tottally Tiphany products! And Scrapbooker Magazine! I haven’t seen it in my area for a while!

  79. Rebecca Yahrling Reply

    I have been looking & looking for a better way to store my papers. What I have just doesn’t seem to work well. I manage because I have no other choice. I would love to try this!!

  80. As a paper collector for many years, this cart would really be wonderful for organization! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  81. This would be amazing to win! I have a TON of paper that I am organizing and this would be great!

  82. Gayle Umbach Reply

    Glad to have found this site. Cart would be perfect for my new space.. Rolling is the best feature.

  83. I love Totally Tiffany AND Creative Scrapbooker ! This cart looks amazing!

  84. linn hawley Reply

    I have waiting for this to come out! Been re-organizing my room and this woud be a perfect fit. Would love to win one.

  85. Donna Carter Reply

    I so need help organizing everything, this sure would help! thanks for the chance to win!

  86. Holly Mahoney Reply

    This would be perfect because all my papers are out of control. I can never find what I am looking for and it wastes so much of my time. Thank you for the generous giveaway and a chance to tackle my mountain of paper.

  87. Oh, what an awesome cart! so looking forward to your magazine ….. I haven’t read it yet!

    fingers crossed to win this awesome cart. thanks!

  88. Mar-Sue Ratzke Reply

    What a wonderful tool for organizing markers and paper. Even better, next week on the Get Organized Challenge we will be learning how to organize our paper.

  89. Would love to have the Paper Storage Cart in my craft room. Thanks for a chance to win.

  90. Kendell White Reply

    Done – this would have been nice to have a few weeks ago in Edmonton!

  91. Jean Benson Reply

    My current paper situation is no longer working so winning this would be a perfect fix!

  92. Angel Garrison Reply

    Hi Jackie! I’m so excited for a chance to win Tiffany’s new cart. I left a message on her site also. Will be looking around this sight more. I haven’t scrap-booked for awhile, I’ve been making cards. But now I am so far behind I really need to get at it. Thank you for a chance to win this great cart.

  93. Maria Shehan Reply

    Love to win a product from totally tiffany . Need a storage unit for my scrapbooking supplies.

  94. I LOVE Totally Tiffany! Just moved and my new house has a much, much smaller craft room…boo! So I need all the organization help I can get.

  95. Hillery Chrudimsky Reply

    Always need more storage and I just bought the binder so that would pair with this cart perfectly…..❤️

  96. My supplies are more than my storage room- a really storage unit.

  97. Jeanette Shannon Reply

    Lots of great uses for this cart with crafting. Totally Tiffany products look amazing!!

  98. Brenda Drager Reply

    Half 5he fun of scrapbooking is organizing! I adore your products!

  99. Love the EZ2O bags. Recently got a couple of stash n stores. Was just trying to figure how I could configure something like this. Would be perfect for my scraproom.

  100. I totally need that! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  101. Carrie Erickson Reply

    Wow, this is so great. You guys have the greatest prize pkgs.

  102. Carrie Erickson Reply

    Wow, this is so great. I’ve been thinking about getting some of their products to help organize my craft room. This paper storage cart would be a great start.

  103. I’m always looking for better ways to keep my stash organized!

  104. Cindy Holmes Reply

    This is a TOTALLY AWESOME giveaway from TOTALLY TIFFANY! Thank you so much for the chance!

  105. janet sisk Reply

    WOW! What a fabulous giveaway. I was just looking at these carts on the Totally Tiffany website. It would be awesome to win one! Thanks for the chance. 😀

  106. This is exactly what I need! Have been looking for paper storage solutions for ages!

  107. I have many of Tiffany’s products and I love every single one! This would be a great addition to my craft room!

  108. I’m so new to this hobby I’m not sure what it is i need. Just started the get organized challenge class yesterday and I am so very excited but overwhelmed too. The cart looks very handy and I’m sure I’ll find out, I probably need it. I am so very impressed with Tiffany’s line of products I would love to have everything!!

  109. Would love to win this! It would go great in my craft room! Especially with all of the paper I have

  110. Danielle Higginbottom Brown Reply

    Wow this is fantastic!! I need this in my life 💚

  111. ChristineV Reply

    Done! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a neat prize!

  112. What a great addition to the Totally Tiffany line. This would be a perfect cart for my scrapbook room.

  113. Mary Makinen Reply

    What a wonderful giveaway. Thank you. For the opportunity.

  114. This looks like an awesome little cart to handle big paper needs!!!

  115. Dayna Jackson Reply

    Wow! That paper rack is fabulous! I would love to win!

  116. Kathy Kesler Reply

    This would be so awesome to win! Would definitely help me get organized! Thanks!

  117. Elaine Stewart Reply

    Totally Tiffany has mad organization skills! She knows her stuff! Thx for the chance to win the new cart!

  118. I have been searching and searching for something to organize my 12”x12” paper for a long time and then I saw this cart on Facebook. This would be PERFECT!! So would love to win this to be able to accomplish another phase of organizing my stamping room!!

  119. I would love to win this! I’m participating in the GOC right now!

  120. Glad to see you all partnering together! We need that mutual support in the industry or all we consumers will be left with are the Big Box Stores. 🙁
    Glad to see you are making a go of it as a magazine in this totally digital world we live in. There is something to really be said for having your magazine in my hands and looking through the pages, dog-earing pages with ideas I like, adding post it notes to remind myself how I want to use things, etc!

  121. Totally-Tiffany is new to me!! I’m excited to see all the products!!!

  122. Wow!Thank you for the chance to WIN one of the new Paper Storage Carts by Totally-Tiffany. It looks like a super tool for all who craft with paper. I HOPE IT’S ME 😀

  123. I am so excited to find a magazine dedicated to scrapbooking as they are hard to find. And I love this cart!

  124. This cart is a wonderful idea!
    When I was reading the description ,on the Totaly Tiffany site, I was excited to read that the cart can fit under my work counter. I could roll it under my counter stored when I do not need items from it . Later, I could roll it out when I need items = easy access. My craft room is small and this cart would allow me to use that “under counter” space for easy access storage . wow! Perfect !! pick me !! pick me ! 😉

  125. This cart is a wonderful idea!
    When I was reading the description ,on the Totally Tiffany site, I was excited to read that the cart can fit under my work counter. I could roll it under my counter stored when I do not need items from it . Later, I could roll it out when I need items = easy access. My craft room is small and this cart would allow me to use that “under counter” space for easy access storage . wow! Perfect !! pick me !! pick me ! 😉

  126. I totally want {need} this cart! It is so awesome!! Thanks for sharing! Xo

  127. Elizabeth Kimbel Reply

    LOVE her stuff! I ‘ve not heard of your magazine! Going to check this out and thanks for offering this great prize!

  128. This is just what I need to help downsize and make room for guests.

  129. Vicki Parker Reply

    I so need this cart or two!! I am buried in paper and paper pads. Maybe this will get me organized and back into papercrafting!!

  130. Would love to win this. Downsizing and trying to figure out how to store paper and at the same time have it accessible! Thanks for the opportunity!

  131. I have the other cart and apron. This would be a great addition!

  132. Robin Wells Burke Reply

    Woohoo! I would love to be the lucky winner! I’m working hard at organizing my craft room and this would come in handy!!

  133. Patti Rear Reply

    OMG!! I totally need this!!!! Just ask my hubby! LOL.. 😜

  134. This is exactly what I need to get organized! My craft room is a complete disaster so I don’t even want to go in it! This paper cart would eliminate all the boxes and stacks of paper all over the place and let me breathe!!!

  135. Kari Fischer Reply

    Love all of Totally Tiffany products but this especially looks like it would be so useful!

  136. This cart would be perfect for my small crafting space! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!

  137. Janet Nelson Reply

    The cart looks fabulous. I am a paper addict so I could sure use it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  138. Marillyn Price Reply

    Thanks to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine for partnering with Totally Tiffany in this Giveaway. I have several of Tiffany’s products and love them. This would make a great addition to my scraproom, making it great to have my paper and supplies right next to me in creating a layout!!! Thanks for a chance to win the Paper & Supply Cart!!!

  139. Heather Watts Reply

    What is this magical thing called organization! I love it!

  140. Melody Radovanovics Reply

    What a fantastic prize, my paper sure could use a home like that, thx for all your wonderful contests

  141. Michele Soto Reply

    This would be the icing on my craft room cup cake! Right now my paper junkies & paper handlers are on the floor, taking up valuable space! This would be a dream come true and I then I will be able to rearrange the room to get it in and finally be able to get stuff done!!

  142. Thanks for the chance to win a storage cart! I love TT products!

  143. Jennifer White Reply

    This cart is so perfect! It is sturdy. It has quality caster wheels, so it will roll right up the ramp & into my vehicle which is so great for traveling to crops or retreats or wheeling my supplies to any room in my house. It will not cause shoulder or back or neck pain. I would love at least 6 or more of these to keep each of my favorite paper & supply company products organized & separate. To win one would be a dream come true! I would use it every day of my life! I enjoy your Magazine so much! It is so inspiring! Isn’t Tiffany wonderful! I adore her & her products. She makes organizing my crafty life & traveling with my hobby products so easy! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! HUGS YOU ARE LOVED! *☆♡☆*

  144. Ellen Hardison Reply

    This cart could be the paper storage solution I’ve been looking for. I had not seen creative scrapbooker before this. Where can I find it.

  145. Christy Bentley Reply

    That is WOWZERS and what a blessing it would be to win it. 🤩😄😊

  146. Pauline Zarlenga Reply

    Love totally Tiffany products… This paper storage cart. will make scrapbooking so much easier. What a great prize pack… good luck everyone

  147. Missy Starliper Reply

    Oh my goodness. This would be an awesome win for organization.

  148. Janet Mack Reply

    This is so cool and it would look really great in my studio.

  149. Della knick Reply

    I love all totally Tiffany products. Thanks for the opportunity to win one I don’t own.

  150. Erin Probst Reply

    I have been eyeing this cart since I saw it in one of Tiffany’s emails. Would really love to win one, will probably buy one soon, lol. Thanks, Erin Probst

  151. Would love to win. I just started organizing my scrapbooking stuff this week. Even if I don’t win wish me luck cause this job is HUGE!! 😆

  152. Christine Irvine Reply

    Oh my gosh!! I love her products for organizing!! This would be perfect for the stuff I keep in my living room!

  153. Carla Farquharson Reply

    This is the storage unit that’s calling my name!

  154. Colleen Jones Reply

    Thanx for supporting Totally Tiffany products! I love when she introduces new things!

  155. Thank you for the chance. I could really use that organizer. 😉

  156. Judy Ullom Reply

    I have been waiting for this! I moved a year ago and do not have a scrapbook room any more and trying to make our bedroom into a space to scrap…. paper is hard to find a place for.

  157. OHMIGOD I would die! Can I mention how happy my husband would be if I got all of my paper organized?!? I’m in love and need probably 2 of these! Need now ASAP!

  158. Sandy Blackman Reply

    This looks like an awesome paper storage cart. The top would be a great place to keep projects organized as well! What a great prize!😉

  159. Helene Monette Reply

    OMG !!! I soooooooooooooo need this to make my Scrapbook friends soooooooooooo jealous on my Scrapbook weekend at my cottage.

  160. Jozan Holdren Reply

    Love to win the cart! I enjoy Totally Tiffany products. An awesome prize!

  161. I would so love to win one of theses carts. They are amazing

  162. Carla Hundley Reply

    This looks so neat
    and holds a lot of
    paper! Message
    left on Facebook.
    Carla from Utah

  163. Anne Bissett Reply

    Love Totally-Tiffany!! Thanks for the chance to win one of her new products!

  164. Barbara Carlson Reply

    I love Totally-Tiffany products. Designed for a crafter by a crafter!!!

  165. What an amazing cart! I’m a paper lover, so having somewhere to store it would be amazing 🙂

  166. Craftysusanita Reply

    These products are amazing. Good luck to everyone. I hope I win though lol.

  167. I love the cart. (Actually I love all Totally Tiffany things.) Just organized my craft room and this would be perfect for it!

  168. What an awesome way to organize paper. Is this available for purchase?

  169. Glenda J Hofland Reply

    That would be nice to have. I have lots of paper that needs to be stored.

  170. Ardel Doll Reply

    Would love this cart in my art/craft room – Thank You CSM for giving people a chance to win such awesome prizes!!

  171. Samantha A Reply

    So excited for this cart. Having my paper close by, visible, easy to get to – it’ll just make my papercrafting that much easier. I’m visual, so I love being able to see everything and be able to move it around my craft room.

  172. Just discovered totally Tiffany and this cart. What an easy way to organize supplies and keep them within reach

  173. This is an awesome prize. Would love it in my craft room 😍

  174. Amanda Evans Reply

    How cool is this cart?! It looks super sturdy! What a bonus that it rolls around wherever you need! I would love it for my craft room! Thanks y’all!

  175. Charlotte CC Reply

    Nice to see a scrapbook magazine still exists for those of us that need a break from computer screens and like to flip thru physical pages of ideas. Thanks!

  176. Kelly Thompson Reply

    I would LOVE to win and add this cart to my collection of TT products. Totally Tiffany rocks!

  177. Donna Hildebrand Reply

    Love that this is on wheels!! Would be a real help!!

  178. Kristi Anderton Reply

    This would be a great addition to my studio! Fingers crossed!

  179. Shelley Prain Reply

    I have a big pile of 12x 12 papers sitting on my desk which takes up space. I totally love the idea of having a storage cart to reorganize my mess!

  180. I love Totally Tiffany products! This new cart would be an amazing addition!

  181. Cindi Walsh Reply

    The cart looks awesome! I can definitely make room for one of those in my crafty space! This magazine looks wonderful too. I will definitely take a look around your site. I’m thinking I just found the perfect reward for completing one of the Get Organized Challenges … a magazine subscription!

  182. Megan aubrey Reply

    I didn’t know she did these. Looks convenient and organized…and much better than the contraption I’m currently using!

  183. What an awesome giveaway! Would love to organize my crafty stuff on that beautiful cart. I also need to look into your magazine., could definatley use ideas to scrap or make cards with.

  184. Johanne Lacombe Reply

    I love this cart. I need this for my papers. That way I could have them near me when I work.

  185. Kathy Darrigo Reply

    This cart is awesome. I can just imagine having all my papers right next to me! It would make me feel so organized!

  186. I love everything Totally Tiffany! Would love to win this cart.

  187. Oh my gosh! This product is like a dream come true! Thank you for the opportunity!

  188. Susan Berry Reply

    I love Totally Tiffany’s products. I have a bunch of her Buddy Bags and 2 of her Lois bags that I take to crops. Would love to have this paper holder to slide under my desk to keep my favorite papers handy for grabs.

  189. What a fantastic prize!!! Would love to get one of these! My craft “room” is really just boxes that are required to be stored in a closet right now, being able to organize my paper this way and be able to roll it in and out as needed would save me so much hassle and I’m sure I would be encouraged to craft more often!

  190. What a wonderful gift! I love Totally Tiffany products. I’m in the middle of re-organizing my craft room and this would be a great addition!

  191. This looks like another great product from Totally-Tiffany!!!

  192. Lisa Perez Reply

    I love that paper cart! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  193. I love all of the Totally Tiffany products. Great for an organized craft room. Thanks for the fabulous ideas!

  194. What a fantastic cart! Thanks to Totally Tiffany and Creative Scrapbooker for your generosity!

  195. Wow this looks so awesome! Would love to add to my room 🙂

  196. Yvonne Gottsch Reply

    This is an amazing idea, it allows you to be so organized with your supplies.

  197. Candice DeYoung Reply

    I would love the totally Tiffany Scrapbook Storage Cart – thank you creative scrapbookers magazine

  198. Elizabeth Keene Reply

    Love this cart! Designed for scrapbooking/ card making!!!!
    Would be perfect in my crop area😊

  199. Jan SooHoo Reply

    I am an avid Totally Tiffany and Scraprack fan, and Creative Scrapbooker Magazine is my favorite inspirations!

  200. Love this. Easy to move paper around. If working on a particular project you can keep everything together. And it’s on wheels.😁

  201. Thank you for this opportunity to win this great looking cart.

  202. Paula E Brown Reply

    Hi, what a great prize! I am familiar with TT products and are quality items.

  203. Love it! I’m always looking for new ways to get organized!! Mahalo!

  204. We are in the process of a 1000 mile relocation, (and planning to ‘downsize’ by about 1000 sq feet) so this would be amazing to have to help set up a new scrapbook space whenever we find a new home. Plus, it would be the perfect complement to my other TT products!

  205. I liked her page. Didn’t see where to post a comment in the page.

    I love that paper cart! It is truly designed for paper!

  206. This will be awesome for rolling to crops! Thanks for the giveaway

  207. I love Totally Tiffany organization products and I read your magazine cover to cover every month…

  208. Cathryn Seguin Reply

    From one who lives in clutter this would be a most awesome gift. I often think how nice it would be to win the lottery . I would bring in someone to help me organize my craft room properly and be able to purchase the necessary tools to do It is .one of my life long dreams and I am 61….thank you for offering this chance to win a great organizing tool. You guys are fabulous!

  209. Wow, this looks wonderful!! I’ve been looking for new paper storage and I think I’ve found it!

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    I am from the U.K. I work as a live-in nanny so I have very limited storage space. This would make my life soooo much easier. I love it 🙂

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  233. Cathy Dewey Reply

    This paper storage cart looks so convenient and would be a great space saver for crafting! Wishing everyone good luck to be the lucky winner!

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  262. I love totally Tiffany! I use all of her products to get organized and they are amazing Reply

    I love totally Tiffany! I use all of her products to get organized and they are amazing

  263. Denise Sayers Reply

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