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WINNER UPDATE – Congratulations to Debbie Spiller – this week’s lucky winner!

It is WEDNESDAY and we are super excited to be partnering up with the wonderful people over at Brother to be giving away a FABULOSA MUST HAVE Brother PTouch Crafting Labeller! YAHOOOO! Someone is going to win this awesome prize! Why not YOU!?!Brother Ptouch Crafting Labeller | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineBrother Ptouch Crafting Labeller | Creative Scrapbooker MagazinePRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Easily add your personal touch to a satin ribbon and decorative tape! Personalize ribbon and tape with a selection of 6 fonts, 309 symbols, 59 frames, 20 patterns, 6 built-in fonts, and 9 different styles. This compact and stylish labeller is ideal for all your creative work including gift-wrapping, party favors, craft projects and more.

Label your children s school items, the contents of your fridge or freezer items, or folders in your office in a matter of a few moments. The use of labels and P-touch tape possibilities are almost endless!


  • 309 symbols, 59 frames, 20 patterns, 6 built-in fonts, 9 styles
  • Special templates for decorative ribbons
  • 15-character x 1 line graphics display
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Operates on 6 AAA batteries (included) or AC adapter (not included)
  • 5 hot keys and a dedicated ribbon button

To enter to win
1.  Sign up for the Brother Newsletter – CLICK HERE
2. Leave a comment right under this blog post – write DONE!

You have until Friday, October 5th at midnight to enter to win.
Good Luck everyone! Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Fall 2018 Cover


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  1. Hi! Done. Thanks for this chance. I’d love to win this prize. Great giveaway!!!

  2. Helene Monette Reply

    I want this !!!!!
    In 2 weeks it’s my extra long Scrapbook weekend at my cottage with the girls !!!

  3. Karen Frobisher Reply

    So cool and a handy size. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Kerry Taylor Reply

    Awesome prize! I’m so glad my insomnia insisted I wake up early today. Oh yeah – DONE!

  5. Shelley Prain Reply

    Done ✅

    This would be great to label my crafty gifts, my craft room and my office, especially the fact that my hand no longer has a nice penmanship to label things.

  6. Done! Thanks for the chance to win. I love that you can write messages on ribbon! 😀

  7. Dallas Simmons Reply

    I would love to win this!! I’m obsessed with labelling things!!

  8. Love love love this!!!! I’m in need of a new labeled!!! Hoping to win!!! Thank you!!

  9. Gail Ramier Reply

    Done! Wow, great prize! Would love to add this to the fun things in my scrapbooking room.

  10. Finally, a tool that can write professional labels! I love it!


  11. Thank you for the change to win would love this for my restart back to crafting do to an illness

  12. Therese Arsenault Reply

    Can never have enough tools to help me get organized.

  13. Done. I would love to win this. So cool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Elizabeth Simpson Reply


    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  15. How cool is this! This would make a welcome addition to my scrap space. I see a lot of fun with this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. DONE. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing prize. I love CSM

  17. Tried but I’m in the U.S. and it wouldn’t let me register on the Brothers’ site 😩

  18. Hello!
    I so need a label maker, moving and packing things up. A label maker would sure come in handy! thanks for the chance to win one!

  19. BrendaLea Abbott Reply


    I have an old P-touch label maker, but this sound like a dream for a crafter. It would be awesome to have the ribbon capabilities, all the frames, symbols, patterns, etc.. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  20. Signed up.
    I’ve been passing up the purchase of a new one to replace my antique, but my old one still functions so I haven’t had the heart to write it off. This just might put me there.

  21. Signed up.
    I’ve been passing up the purchase of a new one to replace my antique, but my old one still functions so I haven’t had the heart to write it off. This just might put me there.

  22. janet sisk Reply

    What a great prize! I like to label all my stamp sets and dies, but my current label maker is old and hard to find tape for it. This would be a great win for me. Thanks for the chance!!! 😀

  23. Johanne Lacombe Reply

    DONE. This is fabulous. I would love to play with this. Thanks for the chance.

  24. Lynn Ekstrom Reply

    Done! Woohoo, what a fabulous prize…I love Brother P-Touch labelers. Mine is old and I’ve used the dog out of it, lol.

  25. Oh this label machine looks soo cool! Done and thanks for the giveaway!!

  26. Evie Wysocki Reply

    Done. Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize!

  27. This is amazing. I have an old dymo. It’s vintage. Please bring me into the 21st century.

  28. Debbie Parke Reply

    OOOH!! I would so love to win that. And I just bought a Brother Scan and Cut!

  29. Melissa Aganon Reply

    I need one!I saw this at the scrapbook expo and fell in love!

  30. Done! Excited for a chance to win this Brother PTouch Labeller.

  31. Melitta Ball Reply

    Done! Oh thank you! And thanks to Brother as well for the chance to win such an amazing prize! 🤞👍

  32. Dawn Thompson Reply

    Great prize! Would love to have it for my grades 4-7 scrapbook club.

  33. Gayle Windsor Reply

    Done . What a wonderful gift that would be if I won, as next week is my birthday. 🍰🎂🎁🎉

  34. Done ❣️. Thanks for the chance to win a Brother PTouch Crafting Labeller.

  35. DONE! But I’m in the US, so I signed up for the Brother Global newsletter. I hope that was okay!

  36. Mary Sautner Reply

    What an awesome product!! Anyone who wins will have blast labeling their life!!! I hope it’s me!!

  37. Love quotes in scrapbooking. A labeller would be great for that..
    Wonderful articles in Creative Scrapbooker.

  38. What a fabulous prize! I had a label maker ages ago, one of the old “punch” ones. I’ve been eyeing these fantastic machines and I’d LOVE to win one – thank you for the opportunity !

  39. Kristine Visser Reply

    I have been wanting one of these for a long time. It’s the perfect time now!! Thanks
    Kristine v

  40. Just imagine the possibilities of hints to print on ribbons. Would love to get one.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. This labeler needs a home in my craft room. Thanks for the opportunity! Done

  42. Thank you all so much for partnering up with Brother to give us the opportunity to win this excellent tool.

  43. Debbie Meyer Reply

    I have a P touch ribbon printer but I think it might be the last model! This looks NICE!!!

  44. Done! Yahoo, what an amazing product! Thank you for this opportunity! Happy Fall!

  45. Helmi Switzer Reply

    That is totally awesome. I would love to win.Thanks for the chance

  46. Lauren Ruffing Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity! Love Brother and Creative Scrapbooker!

  47. W💖W what a giveaway. I have a cd/DVD tagger from a long time ago and still use to make cd covers ect, love it and this would be ideal for me. Thankyou for the chance to win this FABULOUS GIVEAWAY xx

  48. Done. Thanks for the chance to win. And just in time for Christmas 🙂

  49. Saw this demo’d and loved it immediately! Sure would love to have one in my stash!

  50. Charlene A Smith Reply

    Unfortunately they dont recognize the territories!

  51. Linda Brady Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic prize. I’d love to use it in my scrapbooking. Done!

  52. DONE! What a cool prize! I’d definitely make great use of it if I were fortunate enough to win it!!!

  53. Done! I can think of lots of great ideas for this great giveaway.

  54. Sandra Pearson Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win. Love to scrapbook.. Done

  55. Arianna Barbara Reply

    Wow!!! This is amazing!!! I’ve never tried a Crafting Labeller and it would be great win it!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  56. I am an organizer so this would just bring me such joy! I would love to print ribbon for the holidays a pretty everything up!

  57. Mary-K. Hardy Reply

    Thanks for this cool prize (that I will hopefully win!)!!! And I had no idea Brother has products to offer towards almost all of my hobbies! Thanks Creative Scrapbooker!

  58. Cathryn Seguin Reply

    This looks like an awesome device for any crafter. I have never seen it before but would feel very lucky to win it. DONE!

  59. Love this magazine., so many great ideas and love the quality of paper used. Look forward to winning!

  60. DONE! Thank you for the opportunity to win. I would love to have this label maker!!

  61. Hi done! What a great giveaway, would love to have a chance to win this pleeeease❤️

  62. Done – I own a larger Standard Brother PTouch Labeller, but would love this compact Crafting Labeller for crops. Thanks for the opportunity.

  63. Done. Thanks for the opportunity – I’d love to win this little gizmo for my wife!

  64. Done. This is a must for crafting organization, I would really appreciate winning one, please

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