Lynda Barber


February is moving right along, hope everyone is surviving the crazy weather that has been plaguing much of Central Canada and our Eastern provinces. Having families in Ontario and Nova Scotia, I feel your pain! Hang tight, March is just around the corner! On a brighter note; have you been entering our TASTE OF CHA? Still time to enter each day to increase your odds…someone is going to be a HAPPY SCRAPPER and the envy of their scrapbooking community! Before you go enter, come have a peek at this week’s creative space. Lynda Barber is from Guelph and needs some “warm” hellos from all our readers! My name is Lynda Barber; I’m from Guelph, Ontario and have been crafting as long as I can remember.  I’ve finally reached the point where my craft space (although still a work in progress) is not an embarrassment to share. Don’t get me…