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Welcome to Part 8 of a 10-part series called Where We Scrap, where our bloggers share their scrap space with you.  This week, Kelly Klapstein is sharing her space.

Hello Canadian Scrapbookers!

It’s Kelly here today and it is my pleasure to invite you into my studio for a little tour. I do have a small room that I call my own where I scrapbook and write. I’ll be the first to admit that organizing is not my strength. Ha ha! Most of my studio has pieces and decor that have sentimental value, and I also have special treasures on display that make me happy.

The most significant piece of furniture in my studio that really helps me stay organized is my Scrap Box. I love it!

I bought it (well, I got it for Christmas) a year ago. Here is a close up of all the containers that I filled up with my scrapbook supplies. My youngest daughter went crazy with the electronic labeller and named most of the compartments.

Another place of storage is this painted teal dresser….which was MY baby dresser from 50 years ago! I wish I had left it a natural maple colour, but I painted it for my son’s bedroom when he was a toddler. The drawers stick but I can’t seem to part with this.

Sitting on top of the dresser is my sewing machine and this Ukrainian cross-stitch cushion that my grandmother made.

A few years ago I bought a glass display cabinet from Ikea so I could have a safe place (dust-free) for all my keepsakes. The “K” wall hanging to the left was made by my youngest daughter at school last year.

Here is a close up of what’s on one of the shelves. Does anyone recognize my old doll, Mrs. Beasley?

My computer, scanner and tool caddy sit on a vintage wood table that I inherited from my grandfather. It definitely has a “distressed” look, but I love it, and it is really long.

Beside my tool caddy (which I bought at Michaels) are some special items. A clay pot that holds my pens was made by my older daughter. The stapler was my dad’s when he was young and working out of his home office in our basement.

The cat pin cushion is my mom’s. Check out its tongue….a measuring tape!

I have a very special painting hanging on my wall. My dear scrappy friend from Newfoundland, Michelle Marks, painted this for me and brought it to Edmonton a year and a half ago. She is so talented!

I also have a painting my older daughter did when she was 9 years old. It makes me smile and forget that she is a teenager now.

For more storage I also have a wardrobe and closet just outside my studio that house a lot of supplies, boxes of photos and albums.

Am I super organized? Not really. But I am definitely a happy scrapbooker when I am creating in my sentimental studio!

To view more of Kelly’s projects, please visit her blog, Kelly Creates.


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  1. Connie Nichol Reply

    Love your space and all the memories that you treasure within it!!! And I adored my Mrs Beasley doll, she was something special.

  2. Great space!
    My Mrs. Beasley doll still lives at my parents house, LOL

  3. Wow Kelly. I love it. I’d love spending a day in there I could just imagines all the goodies you have! Get organized room

  4. Anne Girard Reply

    Love the memories you have in your space. also some good organizing ideas which I can use one of these days when I finally get the projects finished and I can sort stuff out (once again)! I am definitely of a less organized persuasion but still manage to find exactly what I am looking for. don’t know if that memory for things will last as I age but I sure rely on it now!

    Have loved looking at all the spaces you wonderful scrappers have shared. All have made me appreciate how talented you all are and how inspiring. Thanks to one and all.

  5. I loved seeing your space Kelly. My favorite part is all the cherished items you have from your childhood and the memories of your grandparents. It’s a beautiful space!

  6. I also have lots of sentimental things in my craft “closet” (it used to be a small walk-in closet). Even though Mrs. Beasley isn’t in my craft closet, she is nearby along with another childhood doll (which was my favorite)….both are about 44 years old!

    Thanks for sharing about your craft space.

  7. I love your crafty space Kelly { and have had the pleasure of crafting in it with you ! 🙂 }. All your special family keepsakes give your space meaning and a coziness that can’t be found in store bought organizers! I’m shocked at how much can fit in that Scrap Box !!!! Don’t apologize for not being super organized…don’t you know that a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind?
    PS: I WANT that Mrs. Beasley!!!! She’s my fav thing in your room!

  8. I love that your space is so personal and filled with memories! The cat measuring tape is pretty much the most awesome thing I have ever seen 😉

  9. It looked pretty organized to me! I would be hanging my head in shame if anyone saw mine! Btw, that cat pin cushion is awesome!

  10. I envy you! Not only do you have a fantastic scrapping area but Mrs Beasley as a companion!!! Love it. I would love to find a LambChop for my special space would be so cool. I love this blog its so good to see all things I could actually do! Shari

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