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Welcome to my blog and thanks for participating in our Hands On! photography blog hop!!

 You should have arrived here from Sue Sykes’ blog   If you didn’t, please visit the Hands On! Photography blog HERE  to start at the beginning and visit each person’s blog in order, so that you don’t miss out on your chance to win any of the prizes!

 We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Canadian Scrapbooker Hands On! Photography blog also referred to as the HOP blog.  Last September, we launched the HOP blog as an added feature to the Hands On! Photography article in each issue, to offer more in-depth tutorials for the topics that Sue discussed in her articles.

 Each month, Sue posts a new tutorial on the HOP blog, with photo examples and helpful links.  Our magazine and blog readers are encouraged to submit their photos, which are then shared on the HOP blog and entitle them to a chance to win a randomly drawn prize each month!

 I’m excited to announce that the blog hop prize I have to give away to one lucky commenter is this prize pack from Impression Obsession:

Want a chance to win this prize?  In celebrating our one-year anniversary, we’d like to invite you to review one of our past tutorials.  My choice is the May 2010 tutorial on backlighting .  To win, just visit this tutorial and leave a comment there, and then come back and leave me a comment with your favourite summer drink!  It’s as easy as that!

 Thanks for participating in our blog hop!! Now, onto the next blog… You’ll be visiting the talented Connie Nichol!

Have FUN!!!!!!!!


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  1. Avatar

    I would so love to win those stamps! My fave drink this summer has been Malibu rum and pineapple juice.

  2. Avatar

    Jackie, I am sooooo sad I missed spending the weekend with you guys at the races, but you know I had to meet the famous peeps in Los Angeles. teehee.

    Anyways, my fave summer drink is one with any sort of umbrella, slushiness it doesn’t matter. It’s drinking it with FABULOUS friends like YOU by the fire. Thanks for being a great friend & boss. See you in 2 weeks!!!

  3. Avatar
    Jennifer Stahr Reply

    My favorite summer drink is definately a slurpee! So nice and cold on those hot days! Yummmmm!

  4. Avatar

    Favorite summer drink, eh? Well, there are a few- fresh lemonade with bourbon and a mashed up bit of mint, mohitos (maybe I like mint??), a nice cold beer, WATER- and still need coffee!

  5. Avatar
    Lucy Chesna Reply

    I commented in the tutorial…its wonderfulful
    My favorite summer drink is lemonade

  6. Avatar
    Tracy Christman Reply

    Fav summer drink – Mug rootbeer! I love a rootbeer on a hot day!

  7. Avatar

    This summer, my favorite drink has been Sparkling Shiraz. Served chilled it is a great summer treat!

  8. Avatar

    Whatever someone else is serving me!!! lol I really don’t have a favorite – as long as it’s being drank with friends, it’s good enough for Me!

    i can’t comment on the tutorials – keep trying but it won’t let me

  9. Avatar

    My favorite for the past couple of summers is the Mojitos! That’s the sign summer is here when we break out the limes and go looking for mint :o)

  10. Avatar
    Stephanie Schan Reply

    Left a comment on the backlighting tutorial. Favourite summer drink – Mojitos!!

  11. Avatar
    Corinne Braun Reply

    Beautiful stamps – thanks for being part of this blog hop – it’s SUPER!

  12. Avatar

    Frapps from Starbucks…especially since they can make them with Soy milk! And a good crisp glass of wine over a bbq dinner…

  13. Avatar

    Ice cold water is my favourite drink. Maybe an iced tea for a treat.

  14. Avatar

    Great prizes!!

    I would have to say ice cold water with a lemon slice for my favorite summer drink.

  15. Avatar

    This summer it has been Iced coffee or “Sol” beer (my brother just introduced me to it, I haven’t drank beer in years, but am loving this fresh Mexican beverage on a hot summer’s evening 😉

  16. Avatar

    Thanks for the fun! My favorite summer drink is a Frozen Hot Chocolate Chiller

  17. Avatar

    My favourite summer drink is definitely a pink lemonade smoothie!! I bought myself a Margaritaville this summer and there’s no looking back!

  18. Avatar
    Shannon Pollard Reply

    My favorite summer drink has to be a ICED CAPP made with liquor. 2oz Starbucks dark coffee liqour, 2oz French Kiss Schnapps, 2oz vodka, 2 oz milk, 3 cups ice. AWESOME!

  19. Avatar
    Sandra Dewling Reply

    Great fun and thanks for the link to the tutorial. Drink…summer….mmmmmmm….Sangria…when I was younger it was Sangria on a patio in Montreal….nice!
    Sandra d.

  20. Avatar
    Tracy Mittleholtz Reply

    Those stamps are awesome!! I tried to leave a comment at the tutorial…I don’t think it worked. My favourite drink this summer has been ice cold water – it’s been hot you know!

  21. Avatar

    Mmmmm….a glass of white wine to ignite my creativity whilst I scrapbook in the warm summer evenings…HEAVEN!

  22. Avatar

    Summer is all about the Iced Cap during the day and the chilled white wine in the evening! Great, now I’m thirsty!! LOL!

  23. Avatar

    my favourite summer drink, this summer, is a cold Sleeman Light Beer and a few cold Bud Light Lime too :O)

  24. Avatar

    Loved the tips on backlighting. My favorite summer drink is a watermelon lemonade punch that my girls and I make in the blender. Lots of fun to make and to drink.

  25. Avatar

    Gotta to love a milkshake with fresh raspberries from the garden. Yummy!

  26. Avatar
    Michelle Galloway Reply

    My Fav summer bevy? Emmmm…a nice reisling with some cheeses

  27. Avatar

    Love the backlighting tutorial! I actually love all the lighting tutorials, I rely on my flash and that was it!
    Favorite summer drink, white wine!! {Winter is Red!}

  28. Avatar

    This is fantastic with great tips! Favorite drink this summer has to be a raspberry/vanilla italian soda – YUM!!

  29. Avatar

    The most perfect summer drink is gin and tonic with lime. (And those stamps are nifty).

  30. Avatar

    Favorite summer drink? Good old fashioned water, with ice and lemon slices!

  31. Avatar

    My favorite summer drink is what we call our southern cooler.
    In a pitcher add 1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate then add 3 corona beer and a 1/2 cup of vodka.
    Delicious over ice sitting next to the lake.

  32. Avatar
    Jackie Smith Reply

    My favorite summer drink is the beer margaritas that I introduced to Cathie Allan

  33. Avatar
    annelies batty Reply

    my favourite summer drinks are tim horton’s ice cap and a good cold british beer.

  34. Avatar

    believe it or not my favorite drink, summer or otherwise would be water!

  35. Avatar

    My favorite summer drink: EASY….Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino! OK, not just summer but all year long.

  36. Avatar

    Favourite summer drink??? It’s a toss-up between a sugarless iced tea or a nice cold Canadian beer!

  37. Avatar

    My favorite drink is a nice tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade.