WIN WIN WIN!!!! Let the party begin!Day 7 of 12 Days of Giving | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine

  • Each day for 12 days in a row we will be sharing four or five prize packages with you.  Leave a message under the blog post for each post in order to be entered for all 51 Prize Packages.
  • Visit the prize sponsor on Facebook (LIKE THEIR PAGE) and say hello from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine or CSM. NOTE do not use the same comment everytime you post on Facebook – Facebook thinks you are spam and may block you.
  • Names will be drawn randomly and you can win more than once if you enter your name under more than one blog post!
  • Winners will be announced on Dec 24th. Just in time for Christmas!

Day#7 of 12 Starts NOW!
Our first prize is from Frog’s Whiskers InkFrog's Whiskers Ink Logo | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineFrog's Whiskers Ink 12 Days of Giving Prize Package | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
Looking for the perfect MAN? LOLOLOL!!! Well if its a SNOWMAN you are looking for – this prize package from Frog’s Whiskers Ink is for YOU! Check out all these FABULOUS Snowmen!!!!! LA LA LA LOVE IT!

Our second prize is from Creative Scrapbooker MagazineCreative Scrapbooker Magazine LogoAladine 12 Days of Giving Prize Package | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
While at a trade show in Arizona, Creative Scrapbooker Magazine was given this AWESOME collection of products from Aladine. We thought we would spread the love and give it to one lucky winner.  This prize package includes all things inky and a stencil to play with. Whoever wins this package is going to love playing with all these products.

The third prize is from MagentaMagenta Logo | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Magenta 12 Days of Giving Prize Package | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineWho needs scrapbooking paper? Okay, that is a silly question!!! LOLOLOLOL! One lucky winner is going home with this soft Christmas collection from Magenta including a variety of beautiful stencils and of course some coordinating stamps and sentiments. Card makers AND scrapbookers – this  prize package is for you!

The fourth prize is from Emerald Creek Craft SuppliesEmerald Creek Craft Supplies Logo | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineEmerald Creek Craft Supplies 12 Days of Giving Prize Package | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Emerald Creek Craft Supplies has the coolest products! Not only are they AWESOME for crafting but some of them smell absolutely delicious! This prize package includes rubber stamps, Classic embossing powder, Classic sparkle embossing powder, Enamel embossing powder, Aroma embossing powder AND some adorable gemstones. FABULOSA!

The fifth prize is from Art Foamies Art Foamies Logo | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineArt Foamies Prize Package 12 Days of Giving | Creative Scrapbooker MagazineONE lucky winner is seriously going home with a HUGE selection of Art Foamies foam stamps. Lightweight, intricate details, easy to clean and just plain old FUN!!!!!!!  This is one prize package I wish I could keep all for myself!!! LOL! But alas – I will not be that one lucky winner. Why not YOU? Follow the directions below to WIN WIN WIN!

To enter to win
1. Leave a comment right here under this blog post.
2. Visit Frog’s Whiskers Ink on Facebook and say HELLO from CSM – CLICK HERE
3. Follow Creative Scrapbooker Magazine on Instagram – CLICK HERE or YouTube – CLICK HERE 
4. Visit Magenta on Facebook – say happy holidays from CSM – CLICK HERE
5. Visit Emerald Creek Craft Supplies on facebook – tell them CSM sent youCLICK HERE
6. Visit Art Foamies on facebook – tell them CSM sent you – CLICK HERE

Have you entered to win all 12 Days yet? DON’T MISS ONE!
Day #7 – THIS POST
Day #10 – CLICK HERE
Day #11 – CLICK HERE

Merry Christmas and thanks so much for playing along with us!!
You have until Dec 23rd midnight to enter to win all 51 prizes!
Good luck everyone!

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  1. Avatar
    Wendy Lambert Reply

    So many amazing prizes. My wish list is just getting huge..lol. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Avatar
    BarbMac Vt Reply

    Holy potatoes! Each day’s list of prizes just gets better and better! I am spellbound over today’s prizes! O many fabulous sponsors who are super generous! Thank you for the work you have put into this fantastic event! Merry Christmas!🤞💖🤞💖🤞

  3. Avatar
    BrendaLea Abbott Reply

    Wow! Five more wonderfully awesome gifts. This one one fBulous Christmas because of you, CSM! Thank you and hope your holidays will be as good as the winners of the great prizes.

    P.S. The Emerald Creek link is incorrect


    • Jackie
      Jackie Reply

      We got it fixed Brendalea! Thank you and good luck!

  4. Avatar
    Becca Yahrling Reply

    Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful array of prizes. Thanks so much
    for the chance to win (especially all those adorable snowman
    stamp sets!! lol).

  5. Avatar
    Keri Postma Reply

    Wow what an amazing day of prizes!! Such awesome and generous companies! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  6. Avatar
    Therese Arsenault Reply

    The the 7th days of Giving…..OMG!!! Art Foamies!!! YES!! Magenta!! YES!! Emerald Creek, Frog’s Whiskers and you Creative Scrapbooker Mag!!! YES, YES & YES!!!!

  7. Avatar
    Melanie Kuzik Reply

    Merry Christmas and thanks for another amazing day of wow. Been following for a long time.

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  9. Avatar
    Allison Smale Reply

    Another day to spend imagining the fun I’ll have if I’m one of the lucky winners! Have a good day, everybody!

  10. Avatar
    Theresa Bonang Reply

    What an addition to anyone’s crafting stash thank you

  11. Avatar

    What a great group of sponsors! Thank you thank you Thank you!!!

  12. Avatar
    Jamie Bannon Reply

    Merry Christmas!! Thank you for the opportunities to win some great things!

  13. Avatar
    Dianne Schouten Reply

    Merry Christmas love you magazine, the art work and all the contests you do

  14. Avatar
    Judi Jenkins Reply

    Good morning… Happy to investigate new products in the 12 days….many thanks.

  15. Avatar

    Thank you CSM and all of the fabulous sponsors in the 12 Days of Giving. Merry Christmas!

  16. Avatar
    Dianne Schouten Reply

    Your link for Emerald Creek sent me to Clear something instead. Just thought you might like to know

    • Jackie
      Jackie Reply

      We got it working now Dianne – thanks so much and good luck!

  17. Avatar

    Another day of wonderful prizes!! Thank you for the opportunity to win them.

  18. Avatar
    Linda Tupper Reply

    Wow..what fantastic prizes. Snowmen are my absolute favorite. Thankyou to all the sponsors and CSM.

  19. Avatar
    Susan Malone Reply

    It’s the season for me to win!!! Winner, winner!!💕👏✂️🎄💕👏✂️🎄

  20. Avatar
    Susan Malone Reply

    Love all of the giveaways…It’s the season for me to win!!! Winner, winner!!💕👏✂️🎄💕👏✂️🎄

  21. Avatar

    Wow! Great giveaways for day 7! Would love to try all the new products!!! Happy creating everyone!

  22. Avatar

    Merry Christmas! A wonderful gift for someone! Thank you to CS and the wonderful sponsors for these days of giveaways! Left them some love!

  23. Avatar
    Sandy Blackman Reply

    This is always so much fun at Christmas and you have such an amazing selection of sponsors! Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies!

  24. Avatar
    Debbie parke Reply

    Ooh, I’m a sucker for snowmen! Thank you for the chance to win all the wonderful prizes🎅⛄

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    Sharla Laursen Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such fabulous prizes!! Crossing my fingers! 😀

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    Thank you for the opportunity to win such amazing prizes! Happy Holidays!

  27. Avatar

    These prizes are super. Thanks to CSM & the sponsors for them. Someone will be happy with these.

  28. Avatar
    Gail Ramier Reply

    Love the inks and stencils in this giveaway. Would love to have a chance to play with them! Thanks for all the wonderful gifts you are giving away!

  29. Avatar
    Julie Shearer Reply

    Great prizes again today! All of the sponsors are so awesome!! 🎄🎄

  30. Avatar
    Marie Austen Reply

    Oh my, each day gets better and better! Thanks for the chance!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  31. Avatar
    Konnie Kranenburg Reply

    Thanks again Jackie and crew for this wonderful gift of giving!

  32. Avatar
    Sue Tersmette Reply

    Lucky Day #7. All done. But a bit of an Oops – The link for Emerald Creek went to Clear Snap

  33. Avatar
    Debbie Siddle Reply

    Done. So hope I’m going to be a lucky winner this time around. I keep trying to win with you at Xmas but it never happens. Perhaps it will this year. Thanks for the opportunity. xxx

  34. Avatar
    Denise Bryant Reply

    I love learning about companies I am not yet familiar with, or had just slipped my mind! Awesome prizes!

  35. Avatar

    Amazing sponsor giveaways today!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Avatar
    Lisa Tartaglione Reply

    Happy to see these wonderful gifts today. Love that a scrapbook magazine is coming back. I sure have missed them.

  37. Avatar
    Cheryl Schuessler Reply

    I would love to put these goodies under my Christmas tree! Thank you sponsors and CSM for the opportunity to win them.

  38. Avatar
    Melitta Ball Reply

    Today I found a new shop in Frog Whiskers Ink and fell in love again with products I had forgotten about so thank you for another great day!

  39. Avatar
    Elaine Lewis Reply

    Wow! Great giveaways today! I hope I can win one of them.

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    More fabulous prizes! Thanks you and Merry Christmas to CSM and all the sponsors.

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    Thanks again CSM for this amazing opportunity to win some fabulous products!

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    janet sisk Reply

    WOW! More generous companies with fabulous giveaways! Thanks for the chance to win!!! 😀

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    Well, that was another great day of awesome stuff! And thank you for sharing the neat bundle of fun stuff from Aladine.
    Looking forward to seeing what you are going to post tomorrow.
    Cheers!!! 😀

  44. Avatar
    Arianna Barbara Reply

    Thanks for this chance to win!!! Beautiful Sponsors and prizes!!!

  45. Avatar
    Kara Janis Reply

    Today’s sponsors have really creative-cool business names!

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    Kelly Kennedy Reply

    Done! Thank you for this amazing contests! I wish I knew how to check if I missed any (been down with migraines) without scrolling through every post!

  47. Avatar
    Justine Paulin Reply

    Thank you Creative Scrapbooker Magazine for these prize chances and all the great tips in your magazine.

  48. Avatar
    Kristina Smith Reply

    On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me another chance to win!! Are you singing it as you read? I’m sing it as I’m writing it. Thank you for another great opportunity to learn new things and companies!! I didn’t realize that you could still get smelling powders still!! Thank you

  49. Avatar

    Another amazing day of prizes! How do you do this?! Blessings to all of you.

  50. Avatar
    Andrea Moen Reply

    I need a hobby or two and scrapbooking would certainly be uplifting and produce something creative while using so many bits and pieces of memorabilia! Now, for the supplies!!

  51. Avatar
    Cindy Plourde Reply

    Great prizes from some marvelous sponsors! Thank you everyone!

  52. Avatar
    Mary Holshouser Reply

    So many prizes – so hopeful that my name will be
    drawn for one of them. thanks to everyone for
    sharing. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  53. Avatar

    Wonderful prizes. Again!
    I just found out I live in the same neighborhood as Art Foamies!

  54. Avatar
    Carole Beaudoin Reply

    Thanks you for the great prizes … I’ve been already following you in Instagram.

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    Tegan Shaw Reply

    Another great day of amazing prizes. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Linda Gosselin Reply

    I love, love, love snowmen! Everything though is an awesome prize pack! Thanks again to our vendors and CSM!

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    Crystal Silva Reply

    I’m learning so much from this awesome scrapbooking giveaway.. soo many things I never knew about.. thank you

  58. Avatar

    Another fabulous day! all signed up on your Instagram and you tube!

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    Emma Mills Mumford Reply

    What a fantastic set of gifts today! I love the look of all of those fun goodies from Emerald Creek and who doesn’t love a snowman? Good luck to all!

  60. Avatar
    Liz Dickie Reply

    Another beautiful prize package. Thank you to CS and all of your Sponsors. Good luck everyone.

  61. Avatar
    dianna misik Reply

    What a wonderful bunch of prizes! Thank you and have a good day.

  62. Avatar
    Taryn Mandrusiak Reply

    Thanks for a wonderful Day 7!
    BTW I love watching you on youtube! There’s so many cool ideas, new techniques & tools to learn about.

  63. Avatar

    Wow, amazing prizes! Thanks CSM and all of the generous sponsors!

  64. Avatar
    Glenda Dopking Reply

    That’s a sneaky one Jackie – follow you on Instagram or You Tube – I’ve had that covered for years already! Such great people donating such fabulous prizes to put under the tree.

  65. Avatar
    Trisha Deschamps Reply

    Done and done 😉 thanks for the opportunity to win! Cheers!!

  66. Avatar

    CSM…you have developed some great relationships. Nice to see them support you at Christmas. And thanks for supporting our crafting dreams, too.

  67. Avatar

    Holy Bunions, this is amazing! Thank you for all the fun giveaways!!

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    Thank you again for such a wonderful giveaway and Happy Holidays !! May they all be blessed!

  69. Avatar
    Melody Radovanovics Reply

    Done, loving this contest! I wait all year for it. 🙂

  70. Avatar

    I find myself so excited to hurry and check out the new days prizes and try to learn from all these sponsors!! Thank you so much for a chance at this giveaway….this girl is dreaming to win!!!

  71. Avatar

    Love all the great products, but especially happy to see that Magenta is in business. Haven’t seen their products in local shop for ages. Will have to hunt for them…. love that winter paper line.

  72. Avatar

    Thanks to the sponsors for such a great collection of prizes!

  73. Avatar
    Maureen Ellis Reply

    Thank you for hosting the 12 Days of Giving. It is so much fun!

  74. Avatar

    Winning crafting supplies at Christmas would be a wonderful gift to me.

  75. Avatar
    Marilyn Bruckman Reply

    Every day I see more interesting craft and art supplies! Done for today!

  76. Avatar
    Lesley Gadowski Reply

    Wow, and holy prizes! I love the Emerald Creek mostly, but this day has some nice stuff too.

  77. Avatar
    Shyanne Jeresky Reply

    Oh WOW!!!! This is so great again!!! ( Gonna have to get my thesaurus out soon!)

  78. Avatar
    Shyanne Jeresky Reply

    (Having problems posting a comment so apologies!) THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!!!

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    Wow! You’re really making my wish list grow with all these must-have craft supplies!

  80. Avatar
    Julie Langton Reply

    Fingers and toes crossed so I’ll win any of the wonderful prizes up for grabs!!

  81. Avatar

    Day 7 and still such lovely prizes. i liked the pages but found it hard to find where you leave comments that you asked hope that this doesn’t exclude my entry

  82. Avatar

    Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas 🎄, it’s the best time of the year!!

  83. Avatar
    Tiffany Armstrong Reply

    Wow! These giveaways just keep getting better and better!

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    TracyM #6773 Reply

    W O W
    WONDERFUL sponsors and FABULOUS prizes!
    THANK YOU for the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS 🙂

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    Elizabeth Vitek Reply

    You certainly put a lot of time and effort into this contest. Thank you so much!

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    Michelle Avsec Reply

    So excited to have a chance to win these fabulous prizes! Merry Christmas to all!

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    Donna Rudy Reply

    Another day full of amazing prizes! Thank you to all the sponsors and Creative Scrapbooker!

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    Michelle Sandomirsky Reply

    I love today’s prizes! Fingers crossed that I win one of them 😁

  89. Avatar
    Glenda Dopking Reply

    Have followed you on You Tube for many years, Instagram not as many. :Why did the Snowman divorce his wife? Because she was a total flake!” LOL! Heard that one on a Christmas Special. Such great people donating fabulous prizes to put under the tree.

  90. Avatar
    Deanna Wood Reply

    Love the snowmen and all the other great prizes! Thank you for the chance to win!

  91. Avatar
    Tammy Lever Reply

    Squeel! So many fun goodies for today! A big thank you to you and your amazing sponsors for making the holidays that much more fun for us!

  92. Avatar

    Day 7 entered! I subscribe to CSM under my gmail account rather than my family account. Hope that’s not a problem for entering your prize pack?

  93. Avatar
    JeniRuth Jovanovic Reply

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win some prizes. I never knew some of these existed…

  94. Avatar
    Tanja Funk Reply

    Loving the opportunity to win these products. Those inks you guys put in the pot look like great fun to try!

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    Dana Bennett Reply

    Super prizes!!! Thank you to
    CSM and all the sponsors.
    Happy Holidays!!

  96. Avatar
    Sondra Myers Reply

    Woo hoo!!The days are going by so fast during this!! Thanks for great prizes with the potential to win them!!

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    Thanks for offering these great prizes in this contest. Someone will certainly enjoy them. Thanks to the CSM & the sponsors for these prizes.

  98. Avatar
    Ruby Marchand Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win some of these gifts from the sponsors.

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    So many incredible prizes! What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. Wishing everyone at Creative Scrapbooker a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to what is in store for 2019!! 🌲🎁🎉❤️

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    Dana Bennett Reply

    Wonderful prizes!
    Thanks to CSM and
    all the sponsors!!
    Happy Holidays!!
    Dana from Quebec

  101. Avatar

    Stamps, Inks and Stencils… what a fabulous release. Lots of great stocking suffers here.
    Merry Christmas and Thanks for the chance to win.

  102. Avatar

    Very fun products! This is a great opportunity to play with stuff that I may not have tried before! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  103. Avatar
    Darlene Smith Reply

    Hi Jackie, you have so many prize packages and they are all amazing! Thank you.

  104. Avatar
    Darlene Smith Reply

    Hi Jackie, you have so many wonderful prizes, thank you.

  105. Avatar

    I said it yesterday and I will say it again today; how do you keep topping these amazing prizes?

  106. Avatar
    Margaret Bridges Reply

    Wow, some new companies that I will need to learn more about. Love all the prize selections and thank you for the opportunity to win some.

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    Beth Merkle Reply

    It’s going to be a Holly Jolly Christmas for someone this year! What great prizes!

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    Lori A. Geise Reply

    Nothing like a snowman ☃️ to melt your heart. They would be great for winter page layouts.

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    🥰🥰🥰 OH MY GOODNESS!!! What wonderful gifts! LOVE them!!!

  110. Avatar
    Melanie Perz Reply

    It’s looking like a very Merry Christmas for some very lucky winners!! I’m hoping to be one of them!! Thank you CSM for all the fun!!

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    Awesome prizes! Love Emerald Creek embossing powders! Thanks CSM and all the generous sponsors!

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    Hetty Flikweert Reply

    I have lots of stuff but it is always fun to have more to play with!

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    Meghan Kennihan Reply

    JUST AMAZING! Thank you for the prizes and chance to win!

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    cathy derouche Reply

    a lot of different sponsors, loving the diversity.. hoping to win, but who isn’t.lol

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    Ardel Doll Reply

    Posted – Done Thank you for running this contest giving people a chance to win so many amazing products!!!

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    Debbie Schuldt Reply

    Happy Holidays to all the sponsors and everyone at CSM for doing these great giveaways. Hope I win.

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    What an amazing set of giveaways! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

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    Kerrie Slimmon Reply

    I love snowmen. I have a collection in my house and no snowmen card making

  119. Avatar
    Kerrie Slimmon Reply

    I love snowmen. I have a collection in my house and no snowmen card making. Thank you

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    Julie Buzanko Reply

    Getting there slowly but surely….Christmas is so close I can taste it….oh wait, that might be the eggnog I’m sipping on. 🙂

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    Karen Bell Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win one of these great giveaways!

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    Sonya van Stee Reply

    Love all the inks, embossing powders, stencils, and foamies! So many fabulous products that I’d love to try! Thanks to all the sponsors for today!

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    Nadine Ballantyne Reply

    Happy Holidays! Thanks for hosting this fabulous giveaway!!

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    Nadine Ballantyne Reply

    Merry Christmas CSM! Thanks for hosting this fabulous giveaway!!

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    Jeannette Hargreaves Reply

    Inks, stamps, embossing, paper…. You have it all up for grabs — some lucky crafters will be happy ! Thanks again for this opportunity.

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    Wow, aren’t you nice to give away that fun package of inks and things! Thanks!

  127. Avatar

    Thanks CSM for introducing me to some new companies, I love checking out new supplies and techniques. Thanks for the chance to win

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    Brenda Shreves Reply

    Geez I hope I am getting all these comments in… thank you for the prizes !

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    Erin Murphy-Thompson Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such great prizes!

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    Annelies Batty Reply

    love playing your contest. thanks so much for the opportunity to try and win such great prizes.

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    These are all wonderful prizes – I will take one of each please…. 😁

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    KariLynn L Reply

    Wow! So many different products! I love learning about new companies!

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    Carol Taggio Reply

    Love playing each day and reading the posts from various sponsors.

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    Jeanette Y Reply

    Thank you for another great day of giveaways!! Merry Christmas!

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    Wonderful prizes again today, thanks so much for the chance to win!

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    So much fun!! Can’t wait to win! These prizes are awesome!! Thank you to all the sponsors and CSM!

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    Michele Washburn Reply

    Crossing my fingers for the Frog’s Whiskers prize! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Ginni Gass Reply

    What fabulous prizes! Thanks again for the opportunity to win!

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    Janet Trim Reply

    Just love the chance to win one of the great prizes. Thanks so much for the chance.

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    Some crafter’s heart will be very happy with the goodies on offer today! Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity.

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    Hey CSM thanks for these super awesome giveaways ! Happy holidays!