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Hello and Happy Friday! Kim here today with a Friday post. I enjoy these Friday blog posts; Jackie gives me this wonderful forum to share with you. Over the next 12 months we’ll mix it up with what we like to call CSM Spotlights or Where You Create.  Today I’d like to share the creative space of Ineke Bruggeman. Ineke shared this email with me last summer and I’m happy to have the opportunity to share her space with you. I will make an educated guess that Ineke is from the Netherlands, please correct me if I am wrong! “Hi Kim, I would like to show you my scrap room, or as my family says “Scrapadise”! About 2 months ago [Spring 2016], we started redecorating my room, and this is now how it looks. We have created a lot of space in my room. It is light and I love…

Hello Friday! Hello WHERE YOU CREATE! We took a break from these posts in the summer as submissions started to quiet down. We are ready to get back to sharing your creative spaces again, but need to put you to work! Go take pictures, tell us about your space and send it in! We will start the ball rolling again with our design team member Tracy McLennon. When we last shared Tracy’s creative space she described it as follows: “My crafting area would be best described as compact, organized and chaotic…all at the same time.” Here is what she has to share now. Tracy McLennon here, hi! We’ve recently moved, and as much as I don’t LOVE moving and all of the work it brings. I do love that I got to set up a new craft room, in a much bigger space than I’ve had. I thought I…

Hello Summer! We are already a few days into this glorious season. Our school aged kids are counting down the days to the last day of school, lots of Mom’s can’t wait to put lunch duty on siesta and hopefully your summer plans are shaping up to be just what you need! The days are longer, the sun is warmer and some of you may spend more or less time in your scrap room during this season. While you are there…take some pictures, share your thoughts about your space and send them to us for upcoming WHERE YOU CREATE blog posts in the autumn.  WHERE YOU CREATE is having a summer break too, we’ll continue to share your spaces in September! To send us off, Vanessa Chan has shared some lovely pictures of her creative space: Thanks Vanessa for sharing these wonderful pictures of your scrapbooking space, you have…

WHERE YOU CREATE is back again with another sweet space to create in! I am forever inspired by these spaces we share; they make me want to reorganize and clean my own space. I think it’s human nature to always improve on how we do things, it makes us more efficient in our own space. This week, Peggy Grift of Saskatchewan invites us in! I created my little space after I sold my house and moved in with my boyfriend. It’s a basement bedroom, that thankfully was big enough to hold everything; like my sauna, TV, chair and all my scrapbooking supplies. I once owned and operated a home based and mobile store called Scrappers Studio. I organized and catered several scrapbooking retreats in southern Saskatchewan, through this business I developed lifelong friendships. I sold my business 6 years ago and needless to say I still have a lot of…

Here we are again! Another Friday sharing a creative space, I have wonderful craft room to share with you today. Before we peek inside; I would love to have my “inbox” full of submissions for this bi-monthly blog share! I had a computer crash last month and may have lost a few emails & photos in the process. ? Although I have recovered some, I can’t use them yet as I am waiting for more information from the scrapbookers who shared them. So I am hoping you will step up to the plate and SHARE YOUR CREATIVE SPACE! Today we step into Marianne Hansen’s GORGEOUS scrapbooking room! I don’t know about you but I could get lost for hours in all those cubbies, drawers and bins! Thanks so much Marianne for letting us in!

Good afternoon and welcome to another WHERE YOU CREATE. Last weekend was busy, busy with National Scrapbooking Day and Mother’s Day falling back to back! I hope you had a chance to let go of some ‘daily responsibilities’ and just play in honour of you and your hobby. This week I want to share Linda Warren’s space. Linda reminds us that regardless of our living space, if we LOVE our craft we can find a spot to play. Here’s what she shared with us: Hi Kim, This where I do my creative scrapbooking.  I used to have a huge room in the basement of our house to scrapbook.  My husband passed away in October 2014 and I moved to a one-bedroom condo.  Needless to say I don’t have too much room to scrapbook, so this is my spot.  It is in my dining room. I use all the leaves in my table. If I am having company for dinner,…

Welcome to Part 9 of a 10-part series called Where We Scrap, where our bloggers share their scrap space with you.  This week, Kim Gowdy is sharing her space. Welcome to my scrap room or as I like to call it…MY HAPPY PLACE! First off I apologize in advance for the sense of disarray! I have been asked to share my “space” at a point where I need to get in and do some spring cleaning. I have recently brought in a few more organizational aids but have not yet got them organized! I promise it will happen! Don’t get me wrong…I am not saying my room is always tidy, it’s just at a crossroad where I need to purge some old “stash”. So…..enter! My craft room started out as my sewing room! I have always had a space to sew or craft, a place where I could start a project…

Welcome to Part 8 of a 10-part series called Where We Scrap, where our bloggers share their scrap space with you.  This week, Kelly Klapstein is sharing her space. Hello Canadian Scrapbookers! It’s Kelly here today and it is my pleasure to invite you into my studio for a little tour. I do have a small room that I call my own where I scrapbook and write. I’ll be the first to admit that organizing is not my strength. Ha ha! Most of my studio has pieces and decor that have sentimental value, and I also have special treasures on display that make me happy. The most significant piece of furniture in my studio that really helps me stay organized is my Scrap Box. I love it! I bought it (well, I got it for Christmas) a year ago. Here is a close up of all the containers that I filled…

Welcome to Part 7 of a 10-part series called Where We Scrap, where our bloggers share their scrap space with you.  This week, Christy Riopel is sharing her space. Hi all, welcome to my studio. I am very blessed to have such an amazing space. It is basically our bonus room and overlooks the front of our house. Here is the entrance to my space. The door you see is my laundry room. The shelf unit is two units stacked on top of each other. In these drawers, I store all my scrapbooking stash, like stickers and rub-ons and such. On top I store some extra craft supplies and handmade papers. This is a basket of finished cards ready to use. The next wall is filled with shelving and stores a whole bunch of stuff. Baskets filled with tools. Rubber cling and acrylic/polymer stamps are stored on plastic file folders.…

Welcome to Part 6 of a 10-part series called Where We Scrap, where our bloggers share their scrap space with you.  This week, Jennifer Hottinger-Sloan is sharing her space. Hello, everyone!  Jennifer here with Tuesday with the Team! It is my week to show you where I create.  I decided to make a video as I thought it would be fun to do…well it was more challenging than I thought!  So you will find two videos, my photo card would not do it in one shot.  The lighting is off too, since it was dark out and I apologize in advance for turning the camera on it side at one point!  I am on a major learning curve – someday I will learn how to take a video! Here’s Part I: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUT3afF1x6Y And here’s Part II: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD5GSr7xkAY Ed. note:  If you don’t see the videos above, please click here for Part…

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