Congratulations to Linda Van Diermen – this weeks lucky winner.

WIN WIN WIN every single WEDNESDAY!!!!  This week we are giving away this AWESOME collection of products from the wonderful people over at  Tombow including TWO of their latest products! YAHOOO!!!@csmscrapbooker @tombowusa #tombow #csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whynotwinwednesday #giveaways #writingtools #gluepen #xtremeadhesives #tonepens #handlettering


To enter to win

1. Visit Tombow on facebook – CLICK HERE –  tell them CS sent you.
2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

You have until Friday July 14th at midnight to enter to win!

Good luck!

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  1. Avatar

    Tombow makes my heart giggle! Thanks for another great Why Not Win Wednesday chance to win!

  2. Avatar
    Arianna Barbara Reply

    Love Tombow products!!! Thanks for this amazing chance to win!!!

  3. Avatar

    Awesome giveaway. I’ve always loved Tombow adhesives. Would love to try the pens. Thanks CS.

  4. Avatar
    Therese Arsenault Reply

    Love all those bright colors….Yahoo!!! Thank you CSM and Tombow. Keeping fingers and toes crossed.

  5. Avatar

    It would be really nice to win this fabulous prize. Thanks for having these “Winning Wednesday” prizes.

  6. Avatar

    I have never tried these. Would be nice to win and play with them!☀️

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    Pick me – please…………This is an amazing prize which would love a home in my creative space! Thank you for the opportunity!

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    Michelle Christ Reply

    I love love love Tombow products and all that they have to offer. Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Avatar
    Regina Furman Reply

    Awesome giveaway! I love the Tombow markers I currently own and would be thrilled to add these to my stash!

  10. Avatar
    Shelley Lange Reply

    I need to replace my pens! whoo hooo for a great prize! tyvm!

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    Jennifer Reynard Reply

    Would love to win. I have heard all about tombow markers but have never tried them! Would love to win and play with them!! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Love Tombow everything!!!! Thanks for the contest and for all of the great idea sharing!!

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    Thanks for the demo of the twin tone markers. Would love to win something. 🙂

  14. Avatar
    Dana Bulla Reply

    I have not yet tried Tombow products, but would love to update my products.

  15. Avatar
    Audrey Taylor Reply

    This is an awesome prize package … and thank you for the distraction … I am sitting here on fire evacuation alert in beautiful – smokey Princeton – so going through you site has been a perfect distraction! Definitely something else to think about and look forward to when this is all over. Thank you!

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    Hi, I love all you do, is a fountain of inspiration, it would be incredible to win the give away. Thank you!!

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    Sol diaz blasi Reply

    I hope i win!!!
    Tombow products are great and here in argentina are SO expensive

  18. Avatar

    Oh my goodness! This is an amazing prize 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  19. Avatar

    Oh what a generous giveaway!! It’s unfortunate that I don’t have Facebook for personal reasons ☹️ Just wanted to comment to let y’all know it’s a great giveaway and so generous.. heard nothing but great things about the new Tombow products!

  20. Avatar

    All the pretty colors <3. Thank you for the chance to win I would love to try these Tombow pens. I love watching you using them on Insta.

  21. Avatar

    I would love to win the Tombow give away. Please Please Please!

  22. Avatar
    Barbara McDonald Reply

    Haven’t had the chance to use Tombow pens yet. Would love the opportunity to do so. Thank you for the prize package.

  23. Avatar
    Tammy Ziolkowski Reply

    I’ve been using Tombow forever – love their adhesives and would love to add these pens to my stash!! 🙂

  24. Avatar

    Oh wow! I would be so blessed to receive this prize—just started my hand lettering journey and have fallen in love!

  25. Avatar

    Would love to win, have never had any and they are on my wishlist.

  26. Avatar
    Jennifer I Reply

    I have recently discovered TOmbow pens! This is such a great prize! Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Avatar

    Okay, excuse me for a moment while I wipe the drool from my face. Okay, now that’s done….thanks for the chance to win!!!

  28. Avatar

    I’m new to this but use Tomboy brush pens while practicing. It’s a relaxing and beautiful thing when you can get it right. Fingers crossed. I never win anything though 🙁

  29. Avatar
    Rhonda Blevins Reply

    Would love to win. New to lettering so adding new supplies would be awesome.

  30. Avatar

    What a great prize package. Would love to win this one as I’m just learning to use Tombow markers as a calligraphy tool.

  31. Avatar

    I would love to win! I’m just getting started with modern calligraphy and would love some supplies.

  32. Avatar
    Konnie Kranenburg Reply

    Love, love Tombow…””thank you for chance to win”!

  33. Avatar

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.. awesome giveaway . . M a beginner in the creative world and would love to have the tombow products..

  34. Avatar
    Judy Athaide Dcosta Reply

    Thanks CS for the opportunity! I would definitely love having a tombow set! I hope I win! Thanks u

  35. Avatar
    Rena Sawatski Reply

    Love Tombow products. Had a whole set of the markers from years ago, but have only a couple left. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize package.

  36. Avatar

    Such a wonderful prize! Thank you! I love Tombow but have never tried these!

  37. Avatar
    Judy Richter Reply

    I would love to win tomboy markers, Thanks for the chance to win !

  38. Avatar

    Ah! ? Just started learning how to do hand lettering and this would be amazing!

  39. Avatar
    Dana Bennett Reply

    Love the pens I’ve got!
    These look like new
    products!! Thx CS and
    TOMBOW for a chance
    to win this amazing
    Dana from Quebec

  40. Avatar
    Bryana Ortiz Reply

    Another great giveaway!!
    Love my Tombow pens!
    Thanks for the chance
    to win this cool and
    amazing prize!!!

  41. Avatar

    I’m new to lettering and so far tombow is my favorite marker to use! Would love to build my collection

  42. Avatar

    Love all the goodies in this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. Avatar
    Daniela Jimenez Reply

    Love Tombow products! Great chance to win! Thank you CS

  44. Avatar

    What a wonderful opportunity! Fantastic blog and fantastic products! ?

  45. Avatar

    Oh my gosh! What a giveaway! I’ve been trying to resist the urges to get some of these Tombows… I’m really hoping this giveaway will make that better, haha!

  46. Avatar

    Thank you for the opportunity. Love Tombow markers and their adhesives are awesome!!

  47. Avatar

    I am in serious need of some Tombow pens! I have wanted to buy some but just can’t afford them… I am thankful for this amazing chance!

  48. Avatar

    I love Tombow pens? CMS scrapbooker sent me to see this amazing contest!

  49. Avatar

    I love the tombow dual brush pens. Just got the gray scale for shading.

  50. Avatar

    I would LOVE to be able to try their products. My best friend loves them and I’m sure I would too!

  51. Avatar

    Have never used To, ow markers so winning this would be perfect!

  52. Avatar

    What an amaaaazing prize! I would love to add to my tombow collection! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  53. Avatar

    Holy cannoli what an awesome give away! My first time pregnancy project is to develop my hand lettering in time to make fun momentos for the baby and this would be so helpful to do so!

  54. Avatar

    I just discovered this site. It would be GREAT to win your products so I can check them out! I love to scrapbook and just a beginner at brush lettering, so it would be very nice!!

  55. Avatar

    Have always wanted to try Tombow. Thank you for giving us a chance to win this. Good luck to everyone!!

  56. Avatar

    Thank you for the opportunity! This is an awesome collection of items!

  57. Avatar
    Catherine Long Reply

    What a great demo of these wonderful pens! I hope I win them!

  58. Avatar

    Lloovvee TOMBOw! Would love to win this to add to my Tombow stash! Thanks CS for the chxnce to win! ?

  59. Avatar

    What an amazing giveaway…thanks for the opportunity! Good Luck everyone 🙂

  60. Avatar

    Love Tombows! Just started learning lettering and I’m hooked!

  61. Avatar

    My daughter and I would love to win this set!! We are taking up lettering and need to buy some. Would be great if we won them!!!

  62. Avatar

    What a great gift! Tombow pens and brushes are a huge inspiration to me, it makes me want to create more and more. I’m really excited about this giveaway!
    I would love to try them for my journal, my Bible Crafting, urban sketching and most important brush lettering! @prayercraft #ILoveTombow

  63. Avatar

    Have used your products for many years and love them. Would provide new inspiration to win this wonderful package.

  64. Avatar

    I have been wanting to try the tombow pens but can very rarely afford supplies so I just haven’t had the chance yet.

  65. Avatar
    Carolyn Hartwig Reply

    Entered for Why Not Win – a Tombow pack?!?!? That would be amazing to win! Thanks Creative Scrapbooker!

  66. Avatar

    Oh i I LOVE this contest and the giveaway is awesome 🙂 I would SO MUCH LOVE TO WIN 🙂

  67. Avatar

    Oh i I LOVE this contest and the giveaway is awesome 🙂 I would SO MUCH LOVE TO WIN 🙂 Crosing my fingers 😉

  68. Avatar

    What a nice giveaway! I have heard the Tombow pens are really nice and surprisely I have only a black pen.

  69. Avatar

    Wouah ! Fabulous giveaway and Tombow pens are fabulous *_* ! 😀

  70. Avatar

    Thank you for the awesome contest. Love the page and the products look fantastic. I do a lot of writing so I hope to try your products.Again, thanks so much.

  71. Avatar
    Eileen Robertson Reply

    Wow! Would love to win this! Thanks for the chance to try!

  72. Avatar

    Eep!! What an amazing prize pack! Thanks for being so generous!

  73. Avatar

    Wauw! Never had the chance to use Tombows and I would love to! I am trying to set up a good lettering collection, but somehow it’s hard to come by Tombow’s where I live. I always get to see lovely work from everyone using them, so they are definetely on my wish-list. Maybe this is my chance, thank you so much!

  74. Avatar

    Awesome array of Tombow products; thanks for the chance to win.

  75. Avatar
    Cheryl McMahan Reply

    I would LOVE to win! I have a friend who absolutely loves Tombow so I would like the opportunity to try them too!

  76. Avatar
    Helene Monette Reply

    We’re having a Scrapbook weekend this fall at my cottage (7 of us !!)
    It would be great to win….I would make some girls jealous !!

  77. Avatar

    I’d love to be able to try some Tombow products!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Avatar
    Linda Tupper Reply

    I just love Tombow! What a fantastic giveaway. Thank you so much for a chance to win.

  79. Avatar

    I am just starting out doing calligraphy and I haven’t tried any of these products yet! I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity for any of us to win this amazing giveaway!

  80. Avatar

    Tombow makes such great products. Couldn’t craft without their multi purpose glue. Thanks for the giveaway.

  81. Avatar

    Glad to find out this Giveaway! Hoping I’d win ? for the Facebook thingy, should we post on their timeline or send them message? I’ve sent them message tho ?

  82. Avatar

    Love Tombow markers!! Ie I wish I had the handwriting to go with them

  83. Avatar

    What a wonderful prize! I’d love to win. I love everything Tombow!

  84. Avatar

    Wow…looks like I made it to the bottom of the list again!! I adore Tombow products especially the markers. I’m building my collection for my “go to” set!

  85. Avatar

    Thank you for this opportunity! I love tombow markers and have recommended them a lot in my classes and to color in my self published coloring books. Hope I win! Blessings, Jennifer

  86. Avatar

    Hi I love how you are giving away this awesome package. Tombow pens are so amazing and it would be a great help to start practicing on my calligraphy skills.

  87. Avatar
    Sandra MacInnis Reply

    thank you Tombow and Creative Scrapbooker Magazine for the chance to win these wonderful markers.

  88. Avatar
    Sandra MacInnis Reply

    Would be wonderful to try your markers as I don’t have any at the moment

  89. Avatar

    I’m just starting to learn lettering. These would be very helpful! ☺❤

  90. Avatar

    Yay. Super amazing prize. I love that it’s not another instagram contest. And I love how tombow led me to an awesome blog.

  91. Avatar
    Deborah F. Reply

    Previously liked Tombow! Use mine a lot! Would love to win this wonderful contest! Thanks!

  92. Avatar

    What a prize! Ok fingers crossed big style – I leave on a 6week pilgrimage in a month and my goal is to walk, think, journal and sketch the whole distance across Spain and Portugal – this prize would be fabulous for my trip!! Wowser!

  93. Avatar

    I LOVE Tombows! Thanks for another awesome “Why Not Win Wednesday” package!

  94. Avatar

    Love tombow… never try those pens yet but can’t wait to see the beautiful creation it will do for me !!

  95. Avatar

    Love tombow… can’t wait to try them to see there beautiful colours

  96. Avatar

    Absolutely love Tombow! I have just recently taken up brush lettering and I have heard over and over again how awesome these pens are for this purpose I do have a few but I’ve been a little too rough in my ” new” learning lol. Would love to have this package.

  97. Avatar
    Dulce Barrera Reply

    Love learning to use them especially their portrait line. Hope to have all their products because they are so versatile to use. Worth every cent spent

  98. Avatar

    Fabulous prize this week. Love tombow and would love to win it. Thanks for the chance.

  99. Avatar
    Sandra Heath Reply

    Thank you for the chance to win a lovely prize, I would love to try out these pens!

  100. Avatar
    Elsa van Zyl Reply

    I live in South Africa but it would be a priviledge for me to use a name brand pen like Tombow’s !

  101. Avatar

    Hi!! What a great giveaway!!! I would love to win this prize – I love tombow and would like the opportunity to practice more calligraphy with this giveaway!

  102. Avatar
    Joanne Geals Reply

    Yahoo! Gotta love Tombow! A great package for my beginning art fun with cards. Thank you, Yahoo!

  103. Avatar

    Love Tombow Products and how great they are for creating cards, layouts and more. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing prize package.

  104. Avatar
    Amy Cooley Reply

    What a wonderful prize! I would love to try out these products.

  105. Avatar

    Recently bought Tombow’s Dual Brush Pens and they are amazing! Would love to get a handful of Tombow products! ?

  106. Avatar

    I find that Tombow markers are the most versatile markers available. Can’t wait to try the new ones!

  107. Avatar

    Wow! Is it possible for me to win these fabulous prizes even if I’m here in the Philippines?

  108. Avatar

    What an awesome prize! So excited to try some of these products!

  109. Avatar

    Love Tombow markers! I haven’t seen the new products where I live. I’d love to have them!

  110. Avatar

    YAS TOMBOW!! I would LOVE some new markers and pens right before I go to college.

  111. Avatar
    Misty D Hebert Reply

    Thanks for the chance to win, win, WIN! I love Tombow adhesive but have not had the opportunity to try their pens or markers. I soooo hope to be the lucky winner. Thanks CS and Tombow ?

  112. Avatar
    Mary Holshouser Reply

    Fantastic prize.
    Would love to have it.
    thanks to Tombow and CS for offering.

  113. Avatar
    Sharon Castillo Reply

    Oh! I love the Tombow pens. Hope I’ll be picked. Thanks for the giveaway.

  114. Avatar
    Tamara Jenkinson Reply

    What a great prize package- this would surely get anyone’s creative juices flowing.

  115. Avatar
    Scrappin' Diva - Cindy B Reply

    What a wonderful prize! Thank you for the chance to win!

  116. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the chance to win. Such a great prize package love Tombow.

  117. Avatar
    Laurie Black Reply

    Ooooh Ahhhh! amazing prize this week! Tombow markers are my favorite