Just Me


I had to share these extremely unique houses that I stumbled on while surfing the web….. This is a floating barn that was spotted in the Ukraine!  Could be a trick with photoshop! This is the upside down house in Szymbark, Poland – I think I would feel crazy all day long! This is a bubble house in Tourettes-sur, France!  My kind of yard work! This is the crooked house in Sopot, Poland! This isn’t a house but rather a shopping complex – still cool! There are alot more weird designs to check out if you need a giggle – Click Here! Hope you are all having a great Monday!

Last night for the first time in ages – Christoph and I enjoyed a movie together! We really enjoyed this movie! Russell Crowe was awesome! His wife is accused of murder and is put in jail – he is a teacher and decides to break her out!  FANTASTIC! Just the right amount of action, romance and tears for me! I highly recommend it!

I have a love hate relationship with Science Fair Projects!  I love watching and learning as my little people discover the science behind something that they are interested in – I also love helping them scrapbook the background!!!! Sometimes finding the time to enjoy the entire process can be trying!  This year Hayden did the Science behind the SlapShot! He was so excited – and beyond dedicated to getting it done! Daily reminders of where we were in the project and what was left to do were ringing in my ears continually!  Gotta love the dedication! My favourite part ….. The photoshoot we did where Hayden demonstrated the slapshot – but more then that – how he lit up when his photos were added to his display right beside his hockey heros!  That made me smile! Hope your science fair projects all went smoothly!

This is the first year my daughters are in 4H and I am loving it! I especially have a soft spot for the photography group they are in 🙂 Hard to believe! Check out this assignment they did – Lines! They went into Madeline’s bedroom with my camera in hand, a brown sheet and some water paint – BAAM – these are just a few shots that they came out with! I LOVE you 4H! Big Proud MAMMA

We had an action packed weekend!  A trip to Munson to visit Carmen and Dan – watched Carson’s hockey game (LOVED IT)- we then came home to film the webisodes for CS, spent an evening with a very good friend, the kids had fun with Annika and Theo, made a musical instrument for Hayden’s class and started a science fair project!!!! Of course we had dance and ball as per usual!!!!! Crazy but so much fun! The biggest highlight was Christoph playing his first hockey game since he was 12 years old!!!!! I love this photo!  Christoph had so much fun!  He still has a smile on his face! Back to work today!

Those of you that know me – know I love a good vampire story!  From Twilight to True Blood!!!!! So it goes without saying that I LOVE this line from DCWV! Love the name, love the dark romantic colours and need to add it to my collection of paper!!!! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I could not do what I do without my Mom!  She is the person I turn to for just about everything.  She has gone to bat for me, got me out of tight spots, celebrated with me, shed tears with me…..and everything that happens inbetween all that! She is fun, she is creative, she is solid – a rock – no matter what.  Mom always takes time to do things with her grandchildren – from camping, scrapbooking, watching their sports, listenning to them read, and YES – photoshoots with Madeline!!!!!!!  I love this picture Madeline took of Hannah and Liam and my mom!!!!! AWESOME! Mom – have a wonderful Birthday – I hope that I can give my kids as much as you have given me! I love you!