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Actually – the entire months of Dec, Jan and Feb are HOCKEY!!! and I love it!!! This year both boys were able to play on the same team…and if your a mom with two or three little players who play on different teams….you know how wonderful my year is when they are on the SAME team!!!! YABADABADOOO! Tomorrow is our home tournament…it is a ton of work…but soooo much fun! We have such a great group of mom’s – I am lucky to be apart of this team! Liam is going in net I am excited for him……but also a bit worried…..look how tiny he is and how big the net is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well!  I’ll keep you posted! Night

Volleyball is all finished now…… Makes me sad!!!!  I loved watching Hannah play! Although there are many upsides to living in a small community that I LOVE – one of the only things that I wish I could change is access to facilities that offer special activities all year long.  If we lived closer to a bigger center Hannah could play volleyball all year long.  But we don’t 🙂 So the season is short and sweet like these two cutie patoties! Liam and his friend Dylan loved the volleyball season – not because they watched their big sisters play – because they ran around the school like mad men causing mischief! PS – Thank you Madeline for taking all these photos for me – you Rock!

Madeline, Hannah and I were three of millions who looked like this for hours before…. Before we could watch …….. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows!  Honestly – I was disappointed.  I am a huge Harry fan – but found myself wondering about the laundry and if I returned a phone call that I had on my list at home on the desk half way through the movie!   What I do love is going to the movie with my girls!  They are so fun! I am so glad they still want me to join them! So – thank you Harry! Merry Christmas Everyone

For Hockey Hero #26 Harrison – or Harry!  Not only is this young man our cousin, who happens to play Jr B Hockey in Vermillion (and whose hockey game schedule is written on every calendar in our house) – he is held with as much esteem with my little people as the Great Sydney Crosby!  Harry  injured his ankle playing soccer and will be out of commission for the next month or so :(.  I have two very unhappy little boys right now – upset with me cause we missed last weeks game and now Harry won’t be playing for awhile.  “SEE MOM- WE SHOULD HAVE WENT” is echoing down the hallways. HEAL FAST HARRY!

To see my little Liam “Bieber” sick. My little Justin Bieber has been sick for 10 days now.  He is feeling a bit better – still weak – tired – feverish and stomache cramps.  Poor little fella now has a mouth full of sores.  A visit to the Dr. today and a pile of blood test later – we will wait and see. I am sure it is viral and just needs to work its course – just wish it was me:( Night Everyone

I am just about as excited as Hannah is in this photo for the weekend!  The last weekend before school starts.  We are off to Regina to watch Christoph race and will be hanging out with some great friends.  Can’t imagine a better way to wrap up a wonderful summer. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Time sure flies!!!!! I can not believe I have not made a post in more then a month!!!!  Sorry about that! The months of July and August were filled with buisness trips, kids camps and schools, sight seeing and a whole lot of relaxing! We had many adventures this summer from learning to wake board to feeding seals to gathering treasures by the ocean before the tide came back.  I spent a lot of time in the above position!!!!! WHAT A FANTASTIC summer read this book was!!!!! If you get a chance – pick it up – you will not regret it!!!! Over the next few days I hope to return to a regular schedule – I am a rather disorganized person but I do enjoy routine and welcome all the changes and excitement of Fall! I hope that you all found some time to do something just for yourself…

We have been together for 17 years!  Married for 15! LOL!!! This photo makes me giggle. It was taken in my dorm room at the University of Alberta – 17 years ago!!!!! The funny thing is I love this guy more now then I did then! At the time you just don’t think that is possible – but it is! Happy Anniversary Christoph – thanks for so many things Love you

I honestly do not remember a more crazy spring!  Soccer games, ball games, race nights, final exams, dance lessons and yard work!  Man oh Man – we were over the top nutso over here! I am so darn glad school is finished – today was the first morning of not getting up and making lunches – absolute heaven! This weekend Hayden’s ball came to an end with league playoff’s in Bonnyville!  They were awesome! Mr Wilson – you are one amazing man – Elk Point is so lucky to have you! Hannah had a ball tournmanet in Lloyd and Christoph raced in Saskatoon (thank you Leica and Jim for everything you do for Christoph – we owe you big time!) Christoph was able to catch a game in Lloyd on his way to Saskatoon and I took advantage of the race trailer to get a fun photo of the Rebels! I…