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WINNER – Congratulations to Carol Walkling – this weeks lucky winner!

Why not win wednesday is here and we want YOU to win this very cool tool called the Restore Picture-Fix from the wonderful people over at Shop the Hound.RESTORE YOUR PHOTOS WITH JUST 1 CLICK.
Here are a few before and after examples of what this product can do! THE RESTORE 
IMPROVES SCANNED PRINTS, SLIDES, BLACK & WHITE AND DIGITAL PHOTOS. It will work wonderfully with both black and white and sepia coloured photos.
Restore goes perfectly with Flip-Pal (Flip-Pal not required to use software)
Scan anywhere, anytime with your Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner
Restore color and clarity to old photos with easy to use Restore software from Vivid-Pixs.
Record talking images with Flip-Pal’s StoryScans software
Share with family and friends
*Works with Windows


To enter to WIN
1. Visit Shop the Hound on facebook – Tell them CSM sent you!  LIKE THEIR PAGE – CLICK HERE
2. Leave a comment right here under this blog post.
You have until Friday Jan 26th at midnight to enter to win.
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  1. This software looks incredible. I have a lot of old slides I scanned into jpeg’s and it would be wonderful to make some of them look nice again!

  2. Oooh! That would be great! I have so many photos to go through!!

  3. Would love Vicki C Johnson Reply

    Now this would be a nice win. I have photos which have faded with time.

  4. Debbie Holman Reply

    I left Shop the Hound a message that CSM sent me to their FB page.

  5. I’ve been going through family photos and slides trying to figure out how to get them to look cleaner and sharper. I am delighted to hear that this software exists and would love to give it a try!

  6. This product sounds really amazing. It could really help fix up some of my pics!

  7. Gail Ramier Reply

    Would love this as I just inherited 3 boxes of pictures my mom had.

  8. This looks like amazing software. It would be great to use this on the stacks of old photos I inherited from my mom. Putting together a family heirloom scrapbook would be a great end result. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Linda Neely Reply

    Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway. I have boxes of photos that need to be fixed so would love to win this!

  10. nice! My photos could sorely use one of these :). Thanks CSM and Shop The Hound

  11. Laura Gilhuly Reply

    Would love to win to restore some of our historical family photos!

  12. Therese Arsenault Reply

    Oh my….just the tool I need. In the process of filing and digitizing old family photos and slides.

  13. Would love to win this restoration pix prize. Frustrating to use other photo programs that gives me more aggravation than satisfaction.

  14. This would be such a useful tool to have! Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Heather Birnie Reply

    This would be so helpful with the old family photo album I am working on! Thank you!!

  16. This is an amazing prize. Just one click and the results are stunning. Thanks again for the chance CSM.

  17. Annelies Batty Reply

    A great Why Not Win prize CS! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in all your wonderful contests.

  18. Anette Meandro Reply

    I love my flip pal mobile scanner and I know this software would be so helpful when scanning our old family pictures!

  19. Wow! Could I ever use that product. I am the family historian and I have old, old photos and negatives from before 1930 so the quality of the developed photos is not that great. This would be an awesome prize to win.

  20. Jeannie Brown Reply

    This would be so amazing to win! Thank you for the chance.

  21. This would be an amazing prize to win! Everyone has numerous photos that need to have some form of color adjustment made to them and with this you could just fix them yourself.

  22. Love all the updated information you give out for the scrapbooking industry

  23. What an amazing prize!!
    I could never afford to buy
    one and I have sooo many
    old photos I’d love to restore
    of my parents and
    grandparents!! Thx for the
    opportunity to win one!!
    Dana from Quebec

  24. This looks amazing! I
    have sooo many slides
    of my parents honeymoon,
    etc. and so many photos
    cuz I’m trying to scrapbook
    a family tree Scrapbook!!
    I could never afford it so
    thanks for a chance to win!!
    Dana from Quebec

  25. Debbie Parke Reply

    I looked at the video and it looks so simple! All my wedding photos were taken by a photographer that gave us good pics, but when we lost our photos and tried to get them reprinted from the negatives we found out that he messed up. I would so love to win the Restore Picture Fix to see if we can fix his mistakes. Got my fingers crossed!

  26. Bryana Ortiz Reply

    What an incredible
    prize!! We could really
    use this software!! We
    have sooo many slides
    and old photos that
    could use restoring
    cuz we’re putting
    together a Family History
    Scrapbook or 2!!!

  27. Bryana Ortiz Reply

    What an incredible
    prize!! We could really
    use this software!! We
    have sooo many slides
    and old photos that
    could use restoring
    cuz we’re putting
    together a Family History
    Scrapbook or 2!!!

  28. Bryana Ortiz Reply

    What an incredible prize!!
    We could so use this
    software cuz we’re doing
    a Family Tree Scrapbook
    and we’ve got slides and
    pictures that badly need
    Thank you for the chance
    to win!

  29. This software would really come in handy. Thanks for allowing us to have such opportunities to win cool stuff!

  30. Wow! You have got to love any program that will restore those pics that are less than perfect.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  31. Kim Carlson Reply

    What can I say another fabulous prize. Can’t wait to win it.

  32. Jean marmo Reply

    This looks amazing and like something I could use. Thank you for the opportunity.

  33. This would be fantastic to win! My hard drive broke down and messed up a lot of my son’s baby pics! Thankfully I printed most of them to scrapbook before this happened but would be nice to be able to.fix the digital images

  34. What incredible software! I would love to own this! It would be amazing for my scrapbooking and my genealogy work I am doing! Thank you for this opportunity!

  35. What an awesome Giveaway. So happy to find this company as I’m scanning in family photos dating back to the 1850’s ;and we’ve sent out some of the pictures to be professionally restored. THis is awesome and would make my project so much easier. Thanks for the chance.

  36. I would love to win this software. I have so many photos that need some help.

  37. Joyce Alvarez Reply

    Looks like this product works well with Flip Pal. I love mine. Would love the picture fixer for my many old photos as well as current photo blunders.

  38. Love this idea to fix pictures. I have other products from them and love them. Thank you for putting on this contest.

  39. Cindy Plourde Reply

    I have been working with pics that are 40-45 years old and as technology has changed, quality of my pics have changed. This would help out immensely.


    One of my dear friends is such a photo junkie…I would love to give her this. Thanks for your great way of sharing with us these great products.

  41. Mary McCord Reply

    This would be the absolute perfect item to win !!! Thank you for the opportunity! Many Blessings

  42. Monica Konyar Reply

    This is a wonderful giveaway! My husband and I have thousands of photos that are in need of restoration.

  43. Very cool! I have loads of old photos that are not great quality!

  44. Wow I am impressed with the photo restore app. I may need to get this soon (if I don’t win. :-). )

  45. This would be a very useful tool! Great prize – thank you for the chance to win!!

  46. Wow, I can’t believe how great the photos look after using the Restore picture fix. We have lots of old pics at my parents that I would love to be able to use this to fix. It looks amazing and I would love to win!

  47. Kelly MacKinnon Reply

    Both my parents passed last year and I have all their photo albums with many old photos to scan and make copies for those in them. This would come in handy to restore some of these old photos. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  48. Kelly MacKinnon Reply

    Both my parents passed last year and I inherited all their photo albums with many old photos to scan and make copies for those in them. This would come in handy to restore some of these old photos. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  49. Elizabeth Kernohan Reply

    I just moved my mother into a nursing home. I have all our old family pictures. I’d love to restore them. This would be a terrific prize to win.

  50. inga klaus Reply

    I have 2 of my grandmothers WW 2 Air Force Albums and many of the pics could use this software. Very cool!

  51. Julie Shearer Reply

    Looks like a great product! Thank you both for a chance to win!

  52. I got a Flip Pal for Christmas last year and LOVE it! This software would go so well with it. 🙂

  53. Andrea Terletski Reply

    I paid a guy years ago to convert some of my grandparents slides into a CD for their 60th anniversary. Best investment of 100bucks for 3discs. I loved the raining summer nights when the big screen was pulled and the projector setup. Oh, the days gone by…and I’m still young.
    Just need to finish with what’s surfaced since then.

  54. I am super interested in these restore products as I have just received 3 photo books of really old family pic’s would love to win this amazing prize. I am heading back to their site now to check it out more thoroughly, thanks for the heads up and for the chance to win!

  55. Denise Martineau Reply

    Is would help me so much with my parents old pictures and with my Mother in laws. Looks great. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  56. Great prize!! I have lots of old pictures that could be restored.

  57. Sharon Castillo Reply

    It would be wonderful to win this item. I have lots of wedding pictures that need to be retouched and having this software would do the job. Hope I get to win this. Thanks for the chance and for all that you do. Take care!

  58. Very intrigued! I have a few picture from yesteryear that need this!

  59. Dana Bennett Reply

    What an amazing prize!
    I’ve got sooo many slides
    and old photos I’m trying
    to organize into Scrapbooks.
    Sure would be nice to
    restore them!., thx CSM &
    Shop the Hound!!
    Dana from Quebec

  60. Bryana Ortiz Reply

    Such an incredible prize!!!
    My mom and I are doing
    Scrapbooks of our Family
    Tree and we’ve got sooo
    many photos and slides
    that would look much better
    if they were restored!!
    Thank you Shop the Hound
    and CSM for this chance
    to win!.

  61. Bryana Ortiz Reply

    What an incredible prize!
    We have sooo many old
    photos and slides that
    could use restoring before
    we put them together into
    Scrapbooks! Thanks Shop the
    Hound and CSM!!

  62. Carol Walkling Reply

    I have so many old pictures that need some TLC. This looks like exactly what I need to rescue them.

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