Week #10


Keeping your photos and mementos organized can be the difference between getting pages done or becoming overwhelmed. This week we’ll begin the process of sorting both your printed and digital photos, along with rounding up all of those wayward mementos.  What you need: Storage for photos – Classis photo storage boxes, 4×6 or 5×7 Fab Files Storage for Mementos – large envelopes, Memento Keepers, Album Storage Fab Files, 12×12 Fab Files Computer storage system for your digital photos – most computers include something for photo storage, but I just use regular files. Labels / Sticky notes Plain paper for creating sorting guides. Family timeline/journal/spreadsheet, etc What to do: Basic sorting and storage Create a family timeline to easily organize photos. Sort your photos into chronological order – either in photo storage boxes or digitally. Create sorting guides for fast and easy sorting. Use sticky notes on the back side of…

August 25th Online Class

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