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It is an exciting time in and around my house & life. So many things are changing and growing and one of those “things” is not a “thing” it is my wonderful, grandlovely girl, Rianne. She has decided she should become 18 years of age and although I have strived to try to get her to “grow up slower” she simply, did not. I cannot believe that this “very special birthday” of hers got here as quickly as it did.


I thought I would share with you “part of her card” that I am preparing for this very special day. It is an 8X8 card, format because I know that the card will be able to be separated into individual 8X8 panels and then stored in an 8X8 album for her to enjoy until she is 98. I am using pigment ink to create this project for Oh! so many reasons but at this point the “most relevant one” would be that pigment ink is simply so lightfast and so stable that I know that the colours will stay true so Rianne will have “this card” in it’s full beautiful colour in all the wonderful years she has in front of her.


To create the page I am using “Heartfelt Creations” brand new, “Botanical Rose” and matching die and their “Sun Kissed Fleur PreCut Set” and matching die. I chose some beautiful Clearsnap ColorBox, pigment colours, parchment, Cocoa, Coral, Plum & Frost White to create the background page employing the stencil that I created by simply die cutting the flowers out of my cardstock. Save the actual flowers for another project.  I love that the properties of pigment ink allow me to use light colors ON TOP OF darker colours. Go ahead stamp, light to dark BUT remember you can come back to the “light” once you have gone “dark” … hmmmm sounds like a movie or two that I have watched, lol.

#3 #4

My “corner embellishments” are once again, the “leftovers” from cutting out the “Heartfelt Creations Botanical Roses” from white cardstock and I used my ink to make them the perfect colours for this fun & memorable project.


The flowers that embellish the page are of course die cut from Ecstasy crafts,

Parchment paper. This is my favorite parchment (some people refer to this as vellum) paper because as I sculpt I can achieve more depth with this paper. It is “top shelf” parchment paper and you will understand why I love it the first time you use it. Stamp the images using your “Cathie Allan, Position-it” so you can build the whiteness of your images by stamping the image 2 to 3 times, using either popcorn or alabaster, Clearsnap ColorBox Fluid Chalk ink. Fluid Chalk is a blend so it has qualities of pigment & die ink and this makes it a multi-surface ink. I like to stamp onto the parchment, heat set with a “hair” blow dryer … DO NOT use a heat gun, it is “too hot” for your board” & then stamp again. Dry emboss your images from the backside of your parchment images and then colour with your favorite markers from the backside as well. I LOVE STAMPING on parchment paper … and Clearsnap ColorBox Fluid Chalk makes this so doable. This way when you sculpt your images you will not be chipping off embossing powder so you can sculpt to your “dry embossing heart’s” content!!

I added a “Heartfelt Creations” tag and this is where I will add one of my personal messages to Rianne, the polka dot ribbon ….. well lately polka dot’s just make me smile and since she makes me smile “all the time”, it was a perfect fit for a great beginning of a card I hope she will treasure a lifetime.

Riane, if you are seeing this post, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetheart, your “Grammom & Papa love you with there whole hearts and will forever …. now off I go to finish this project and turn it into that “one of a kind”, “could never be bought” card for a grandlovelydaughter that is our “one of a kind” and unbelievably turning 18.






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  1. barbara macaskill Reply

    What a gorgeous card! I love how you have used the leftovers as corners and stencils! Everything added together is a simply stunning combination! Happy 18th Birthday to this lovely girl!

  2. Beautiful ! I love HeRtfelt Creations! They are one of my very favorite companies ! Clear snap is perfect for inks and Cathie Allan is amazing . I remember her from a great company that shut down in Edmonton Alberta some years ago . I shopped there a lot . Thanks for sharing your heart, your family and your beautiful creation .!

  3. germaine fryc Reply

    Just beautiful. Love the inked background and the shadow stencil!! Oh, to be 18 again! Lovely layout!

  4. Wow wow wow….so beautiful! I love the way you created the background and the die cut flowers are just gorgeous! She is going to treasure this always!

  5. What a beautiful card !! Love the way you used the leftovers to make it so pretty.Such an everlasting keepsake .

  6. robin mowat Reply

    It’s amazing how quickly they grow up, eh? Happy Birthday Rianne.
    Your ‘card’ is a lovely tribute, beautiful!

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