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Here we are at the middle of February already! Does anyone else feel 2017 is moving along pretty fast? I’m pretty confident our readers on the east coast may feel differently, the amount of snow that has fallen in areas is simply crazy! Here’s hoping someone else gets to shovel and YOU get to spend some quality snow days in your craft room!

After lots of CREATIVATON 2017 shares and our BIG CHA prize giveaway, we are ready to share some more WHERE YOU CREATE spaces! This week, D’Arcy Henson shares her bright and organized space!

Attached are photos of my craft room. I have two girls; Betty, 11 and Ruby, 8. We spend quite a bit of time in here doing all sorts of creative activities – painting, scrapbooking, DIYs, sewing and a little homework too.

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This space was originally intended for a formal dining room but we prefer to gather in our kitchen area for meals and parties.

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When the girls were little, it was the perfect spot for their play room, with a portion of one wall leading into the kitchen and living room, and another wall enters into the front of the house. The large window over the sewing table looks out into the backyard, so they were always close and audible from almost any area of the house.

#csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #DarcyHenson #creativescpace #scrapbooking #create #diy

When they outgrew the need for a dedicated playroom, it seemed natural to convert it into a craft and scrapbooking room.

#csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #DarcyHenson #creativescpace #scrapbooking #create #diy

My husband, Jed, was happy to be rid of the piles of scrapbooking supplies all over the house due to the lack of space to store it!

#csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #DarcyHenson #creativescpace #scrapbooking #create #diy

Thanks D’Arcy for sharing your lovely space!

We are always looking to share your spaces, so fill up our email with your pictures and description of your space! Big or small…we LOVE them all!





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  1. Dana Bennett Reply

    Very very nice!! Wish I was that organized! Thanks for sharing !! ??

  2. Marianne B in AZ Reply

    D’Arcy, your craft room is such a beautiful space! The nice big window and all of the white furniture makes everything light and airy. I really like the wall hangings and other items you have placed around the room. I think it all works together to be a place where inspiration is easily found!

  3. Carole Hogervorst Reply

    Love it __ if really enjoy a creative space like that

  4. Nona Aikins Reply

    Beautiful space! Very much admire the organized yet very warm feel. 🙂

  5. Veronica Roske Reply

    Thanks for sharing D’Arcy, very nice scrapbooking/craft space.

  6. Yes! who needs a formal dining room when it can be a lovely craft room like yours! Well done! I get exasperated by friends who have ” “formal guest rooms” and no other space to do their crafts. (And I might add, no guests most of the time…if ever!) Hobbies are important. Creativity and simple pastimes can save us from a lot of stress!!! I congratulate you for setting this example! It’s so neat and tidy too!

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