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How can it already be the last Friday of May? I feel the months are just flying by this year! Maybe a sign of getting older or a sign of too much on my plate…maybe just a tad of each! Today’s creative space kind of plays into this concept of time flying by!

Last year I asked Lisa to share some photos of her creative space with me. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa at a retreat a few years back and was in awe of her supply haul and could only imagine how and where she stored it at home! Lisa kindly agreed to send some pictures at the exact time my computer crashed and I opted to join team Mac! Changing from a PC to Mac came with a learning curve and lost photos from Lisa as I learned a new workflow!

A year flew by! I now have a good workflow on my computer and I asked Lisa one more time for pictures and she graciously resent them! So…let’s step into her creative space and take a peek!

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I don’t know about you…but I am loving the cabinets and shelves here for storage! I am a LOVER of places for things! ?
@csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace #LisaNielsen
Paper and letters and stamps…OH MY!!! All the baskets would be easily brought to Lisa’s table to search through…or to the next retreat so I can search through them!
@csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace #LisaNielsen
Anyone else swooning over the storage options Lisa has! LOVE the suitcase and the set of small drawers [centre left]! If I close my eyes…I can imagine the feel of embellishment bags on my fingers! ?
@csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace #LisaNielsen
I was so glad that Lisa shared a peek at what’s on top of her cupboard! What fun storage for ribbon and buttons! So many great things live in here!
@csmscrapbooker #creativescrapbookermagazine #whereyoucreate #creativespace #LisaNielsen
Loving this ‘pulled-out’ view as well! Lots of light coming in through those windows and another fun desk with drawers on the back wall! I could most definitely create in this lovely space!

Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures! I just might have to invite myself for coffee and have an in person tour of your room! HUGS to you!

I am always excited to see your emails come into my mailbox with pictures of your creative space! Remember…we LOVE creative spaces BIG and SMALL!
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  1. Thank you Kim for showing my special space! I enjoy crafting here, especially in the mornings with the sun coming through the windows! I am constantly changing my space as I purchase more goodies! You are welcome any time Kim!!!

  2. Lisa! I LOVE your space…I think I could spend hours going through all the baskets, drawers, bins and jars of goodies! I know I’d enjoy the company as well! Road trip may be in order! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I love your creative space. I have my Grandmother’s Hoosier cabinet which houses all of my embellishment treasurers as well.

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