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Paper Organization is simple when you have a plan.  Follow these easy steps to get your paper organized and choose the right paper organizing tools for the way you craft.

What you’ll need:

  • A “Themes and Sentiments” list
  • 12×12 Dividers
  • Plastic “sticky notes” or paper. I prefer plastic because they are difficult to bend and crease.
  • 12×12 VERTICAL boxes – you can use these for permanent storage or just use them as your “sorting” system.


1 – Create a Themes and Sentiments List

This is a list of all of the things you craft about organized alphabetically (NOT to include holidays or seasons) – Baby, Beach, Camping, Travel, etc. Download my example list.

2 – Label your 12×12 dividers

Create a label for each of the categories in your Themes and Sentiments list as well as for holidays, seasons, and the rainbow. In the video, I used just a letter (A, B, C…) and some individual category labels (Baby, Beach, Birthday) for the themes and sentiments section.  I used Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall for holidays & seasons, but you may want to go by months.

3 – Put all the dividers into 1 Paper Storage Box

It’s best to start with all the dividers in one box.

As the box fills with paper, set up a second box and split the contents into the two boxes.  Continue doing this until all your boxes have been used.

Choose the best tools for how you craft

Do you always craft at home, always travel to craft, do a little of each?  Choosing tools that work for the way you craft is important for successfully getting – and STAYING – organized.  Read more about the 4 types of crafters to determine “who” you are.

If you always craft at home – choose our Paper Junkie Paper Storage Boxes and Paper Storage Box Dividers.

If you craft at home, have a dedicated craft space, but also attend crafting events – Use our Paper Handlers to contain your paper.  Add Tabbed Divider Pockets or Paper Storage Box Dividers to label and divide your organized paper stash.

If you’re always on the move – Fab Files will be the best choice in paper storage.  These handy boxes all have locking lids and include our Tabbed Divider Pockets.

Tabbed Divider Pockets are also sold separately.

There’s plenty of space in each Fab File to add a few extra pockets.  These pockets are available in 6 sizes. The best sizes for these Fab Files are the 6×6, 8×8. 8.5×11 and 12×12.

Check out this video for more information!

Visit our Paper Storage Solutions page to learn even more about how to organize your paper.

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Tiffany Spaulding | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
Tiffany Spaulding

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  1. Oh to have given this some thought way back when I had 100 or so sheets of paper. I love the storage boxes with the handy handle grips, I think those would be terrific in the room for current projects as well as mobile carting. Just toss it all in the holder when you need a fast tidy.! Thanks for this article. the organizing struggle is real!

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