Christine Traversa


Another Friday has made it into our lives! I am frantically packing last minute things for our holidays; it leaves me feeling anxious and excited at the same time!  One thing that ranks up there on the “awesome list” with holidays is a well organized craft space! You will LOVE Christine Traversa’s space. She has some great ideas for keeping things in their organized place The room was 9 long years coming together, but worth the wait. When I first come in the door, I have my patterned paper on a tall rack, and a long work table with stools. I love this work area, my daughters sometimes paint there and it is very handy for holiday gift wrapping. I wanted a space to have all my “color agents” I have them in a recessed wall area on shelves. This includes watercolor and acrylic paints, pastels, colored embossing powders, colored…