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You guessed it – these all need to be added to your catalog too.
Remember, you may need to punch out multiple examples if your punch needs to be represented in multiple categories.
Stencils and Templates are going to be treated similarly to embossing folders although some of your storage options will be different.

What you need:

  • Additional pages for your catalog
  • Permanent Marker or other labeling supplies (see Tips section)
  • Storage Containers – see ideas

What to do:

  • Gather punches, punch boards, templates, & stencils together
  • Sort by size and/or type
  • Decide on storage containers and/or order/shop for what you need
  • Fill your storage containers with punches/punch boards/templates/stencils
  • Give each item a number and number label each punch board container
  • Add representations to your catalog
    • Punch out punches
    • Photocopy or print out details for punchboards
    • Photocopy stencils or do a rubbing
    • Trace templates

This week’s challenge checklist:

  • Follow the steps outlined above.
  • Catalog 2 containers of punches, punchboards, templates, or stencils
  • Set a goal if you’re still working on:
    • Paper – Goal: ____________
    • Embellishments – Goal: ____________
    • Dies – Goal: ______________
    • Embossing Folders – Goal:________________
  • Enjoy your reward.
  • Enter this week’s contest.

Tips – learn from Tiffany’s mistakes.
Create label stickers on your printer
Using something like Avery Labels – I used these from Amazon.  They are much faster and easier than using your label maker.  Print a sheet for your punches and a matching sheet for your catalog.  If you’ve got punches in multiple categories you can either hand write the additional labels or run another sheet through your printer with just the number you need.

Storing Punch/Punch Board Instructions
If your punch boards or other punches included any type of printed instructions. Store those instructions in your catalog.

Sharpen your punches
Help your punches punch more easily by sharpening them with aluminum foil.  If punches are sticky, punch through wax paper or silicone treated wax paper this will help lubricate your punches and help them glide more easily.

Binder Options for Stencil Storage
Images and text on these pages are linked to products on the TT website.

Fab Files, Paper Handlers, Paper Takers and Pockets for Stencil Storage
Fab File
Paper Handler
Paper Takers
Die, Stamp and Supply organizer with pockets – easy desktop access for stencils and templates.
Also available at larger JoAnn stores and JoAnn online and Scrapbook.com Punch Organizers
Store & Go Bags
These are also available at Scrapbook.com
1″ Punch & Supply Pack
1.5″ Punch & Supply Pack
2″ Punch & Supply Pack

 DeskMaid Punch & Punch Board Organizers
Also available at Larger JoAnn Stores and JoAnn online – search Stadium.
6 Level Stadium Arranger
4 Level Stadium Arranger
Stadium Arranger – Small
Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer Punchboard Storage
Both the Vinyl Roll Organizer trays and the new Slide, Stash & Store System boxes from Totally-Tiffany are really wonderful for storing individual Punch Boards, especially the WeR brand.

Template Storage – Kiwi Lane and others
Templates can also be stored using the binder system or pocket systems mentioned above – the line of products listed below was specifically designed for Kiwi Lane so it is a great fit for those templates.
Download the Week #7 Blog Post HERE
Thank you for joining me on this 12 Week journey – I know you’ll be so glad you did!

Tiffany Spaulding
Tiffany Spaulding

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  1. Tammy Hagon Reply

    There is no checklist for week #7. Am I just missing it? Thank you

  2. Diane Johnston Reply

    I can’t find a place to download the Checklist for week #7. Please help. Thank you

  3. The printable checklist for this week appears to be missing, though this far into the week it might be too late to do much about. Perhaps treating it like a catch-up week is for the best. :/

  4. Tammy Hagon Reply

    The extra checklist sheet is not listed on here to print out separately like the other weeks. Can we please have one? Thank you in advance.

    • It’s been posted about 5 times by now…hopefully, you’ll come back to see it! 😉 Happy Halloween!

  5. Carole H Lanigan Reply

    You mentioned over-the-door storage for punches, but I couldn’t find any link to such an item. Please help because I really want one of them. Thanks!

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