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Yes, you’ll want to catalog your embossing folders too!

This week we’ll follow the cataloging steps from week 5, with a few small changes and get your embossing folders, sorted, labeled, cataloged and stored.

 What you need:
– Additional pages for your catalog
– Black marker – for creating a grid pattern on your paper
– Crayons
– Label supplies
– Storage Containers

What to do:
1. Gather your embossing folders together. 2. Sort embossing folders by size.
3. If you need storage containers order or purchase the right sizes and styles for your embossing folder collection.
4. Fill your storage containers with embossing folders.
5. Number embossing folders and label storage containers with number “bookmarks” – remember to leave numbers if you have extra space. 6. Create “grid” sheets and use them to catalog embossing folders that are generic background designs. Use 2 squares on the grid if you want to show both the negative and the positive design of an embossing folder. 7. Working through each container, add a “rubbing” of each embossing folder to each of the appropriate pages/categories in your catalog. Some embossing folders may fit multiple categories.
8. Label each catalog rubbing with the embossing folder number or storage location and return the embossing folder to the storage container. Tips (aka – Learn from Tiffany’s mistakes.)
When numbering your embossing folders, be sure to write the number on the embossing folder where you’ll be able to see the number after the embossing folder is placed in your storage container, i.e., if your embossing folders are standing up vertically, you’ll want the number at the top, but if they are horizontal, you’ll want the number on the side.

Use a sharpie or other permanent marker to label your embossing folders – it’s faster and easier than a label maker.  If you make a mistake you can clean it off easily with rubbing alcohol.

Outline the edge of your embossing folder before you start the actual rubbing.  If your paper slips while rubbing, you’ll be able to easily realign and finish.

If you’re only doing a rubbing of a small portion of your embossing folder, add the size to your rubbing. In this example the floral patterned embossing folder is 12” long, but I only did a rubbing of the first 4”. The 12” notation will help me remember this is a full 12” long embossing folder.

This week’s challenge checklist: 
*Gather your embossing folders together.
*Follow steps 1-8 above.
*Catalog 1 or 2 containers of embossing folders.
*Set a goal if you’re still working on:
–Paper – Goal: ____________
–Embellishments – Goal: ____________
–Dies – Goal: ______________
*Enjoy your reward.
*Enter this week’s contest.

1. Class Handout
2 Challenge Checklist

Here is this week’s video for you to watch

Thank you for joining me on this 12 Week journey – I know you’ll be so glad you did!

Tiffany Spaulding
Tiffany Spaulding

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