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Last week you worked through your inks, pens and markers. This week you’ll want to add your other coloring agents to your color catalog.
Follow the same process using the “Peel-a-Hue” color charts or print colors charts from the manufacturer website(s).

What you’ll need
This can be quite a messy process. Be prepared with the following items and it will help simplify the process.
-Peek-a-Hue Color Charts – download links below
– Paint Brushes
– Cup of Water – For cleaning paint brushes
– Quilting Pinks – for unclogging glitter glues
– Paper Towels and or Baby Wipes
– Double-sided tape – for glitter examples
– Scissors
Pop Up Trash Can
– Label Stickers – Optional
– Fine Tipped pen or marker
– Storage Containers – ideas at the end of this handout Step 1 – how will you store your times?
Choose your storage containers-
Think easy access. Things you can keep on your workspace if you always craft at home, or things that are easy to bring to your worktable and put back quickly. If you’re “lite” on coloring items, it might be best for you to store your items together by color, rather than by type.

Step 2 – Gather, Sort,  Label
– Gather all your products together
– Sort items by brand and product type
– Label each of them a number/name (note: most are already numbered/named by the manufacturer, use the manufacturer number/name to keep things easy.)

Step 3 – Create Color Catalog & Manufacturer Catalog (optional)
Group products by type (glitter glue, enamel drops, embellishment paste,) make color swatch samples, then enter the assigned number and or manufacturer name of each item next to the watch in your catalog pages. You  may ant to create catalogs – one to keep in your Rainbow Section/catalog , and one that is manufacturer specific.

Use Tiffany’s Pee-A-Hue color catalog sheets
Glitter Glue Color Chart – Peek-A-Hue – CLICK HERE
Big Boxes Color Chart – Peek-a-Hue – CLICK HERE

Step 4 – Store Products
Store cataloged products together by type in your chosen storage system.
Storing all color products together by color is an option for crafters who have less.

This week’s Checklist
– Decide on and, if needed , purchase the storage tools that work with the way you craft.
– Gather all your coloring agents together by type and brand.
Create catalog sheets by color and by manufacturer (optional).
– Sort 3 containers of coloring agents
– Set a goal if your still working on:
Paper – Goal ______
Embellishments – Goal ________
Dies – Goal ___________
Embossing Folders – Goal __________
Stamps – Goal____________
– Enter this week’s contest
-When you complete this challenge, celebrate with reward #9

CLICK HERE to download this week’s blog post.

Watch Week #9 Video

Totally-Tiffany Product Storage Options
Desktop or Shelf Storage
DeskMaid – 6 Level Stadium Arranger
DeskMaid – 4 Level Stadium Arranger

Portable Storage
Edna Buddy Bag or Myrel Buddy Bags – same basic dimensions, Myrel has end tabs
30 Small Bottles
8 Pods30 Baker’s Twine Spools

Shelly Buddy Bag
Other Buddy Bags – There’s a Buddy Bag for almost everything in your craft supply stash. These are just a few examples, to get a full list of Buddy Bags including dimensions and suggestions for use download this Buddy Bag Product Grid and add it to your Organization Notebook.
Gail for Blends
Gail for Paints
Katya for Sprays (Lindy’s)
Stephanie for Paints

Slide, Stash & Store for shelves, cabinets and carts
There are 6 sizes of Slide, Stash & Store boxes. Ideal for easy access on shelf or in a deep cabinet. Download Slide, Stash and Store Product Grid for details on dimensions and uses.
Storage & Supply Cases
“Mix-n-math” the interior drawers to create the perfect drawer organization system for your supplies. The Storage and Supply case shown below was created by combining 2 Storage & Supply (1 Six Drawer SASC and 1 Two Drawer SASC. I used 1 drawer from the 2 drawer Storage & Supply Case and 3 drawers from the 6 Drawer Storage & Supply Case – the end result were 2 cases, each with 4 drawers – 1 of them is shown here loaded with red supplies.

Thank you for joining me on this 12 Week journey – I know you’ll be so glad you did!

Tiffany Spaulding
Tiffany Spaulding

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