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Week #3 - Embellishment OrganizationKeep things together you use together – that means sorting and organizing your embellishments by theme, holiday, or color rather than by “type.”  This idea can be hard to get your brain around, but think about working on a project, i.e., a birthday scrapbook page – when you look in your “birthday” section you want to see all your choices in one place – stickers, stencils, brads, die cuts…

Now imagine that you want to add some “color” to that same birthday page – you want to match the other embellishments you’ve selected from the Birthday section – reds and pinks, when you flip to your rainbow section, you’ll see all of your choices – in just the right colors.  It might be flowers, beads, bling, tags, felt, glitter – it’s one stop shopping, no remembering required.

What you need:
You’ll need embellishment organizers that will allow you to “combine and conquer” your embellishment stash.  Small zip-lock style bags are handy for things like buttons, brads, eyelets, etc.
I would recommend either a ScrapRack System or 12×12 Binder System for Embellishments.
Other good storage options include things like storage bags, file boxes or 12×12 flat boxes.
After you’ve decided how you’re going to store your embellishments you can begin sorting.
To get started, create some simple sorting guides based on the 4 Section System and your themes and sentiments list. I like to use 12×18 paper to create sorting guides.
Spread out your sorting templates and use them to sort each container of embellishments.
Sort 1 container of embellishments and then put them into whichever storage container you’ve chosen to use.
Organize your embellishments 1 box, bin, basket, drawer…at a time – from start to finish.
Having trouble getting your brain around organizing by color? Read 5 Reasons to embrace the embellishment rainbow.

This week’s challenge checklist:

  • What is your embellishment sorting goal this week?
  • What is your embellishment purge goal this week?
  • Decide on storge containers, if you need to purchase new storage items order them or shop for them.
  • Create sorting guides that work with the 4 Section System and your Themes & Sentiments List.
  • Sort more paper – if you haven’t finished sorting paper, how much more will you sort this week?
  • Complete your challenge checklist and enjoy your reward.
  • Enter the weekly prize giveaway.

This weeks Downloads and checklist
Week 3 – Embellishment Organization Handout Link
Week 3 – Embellishment Organization  Checklist Link

Take a few few minutes and be sure to watch the WEEK#3 Video

Thank you for joining me on this 12 Week journey – I know you’ll be so glad you did!

Tiffany Spaulding
Tiffany Spaulding

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  1. Carol Carbino Reply

    Am working on organizing my embellishments, have good intentions but seem to have them scathered in different areas!!! thanks

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