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I saved this for last because it’s the easiest – fast and simple.
Rolls, sheets, glue dots, runners…the list is endless and I’m guessing their locations in your craft room might be as well.
Adhesives are something we use on nearly EVERY project, yet they’re not always easily accessible.  This is your week to gather them up and find an accessible, and if you travel, a portable home for them.

  • Gather up your adhesives and test them – are they still sticky?
  • Sort them by type: tape runner, liquid, pop dot/sheet, refill cartridges…
  • Do you have a hot glue gun and glue sticks – include those in this challenge
  • Choose a storage solution(s)
    • Do you have space on your desktop?
    • Will you store them in a drawer or on a shelf?
  • Load your storage solution
  • Create a shopping list if you are low on a specific type of adhesive and/or if the adhesives you thought you had are no longer useable.
  • Enjoy your reward
  • Enter the weekly contest.
  • Enter the TT 12 week contest
  • Download the week 12 blog post – CLICK HERE

Your craftroom probably didn’t get messy in just 12 weeks, so it will probably take more than 12 weeks to get it all organized.  Remember you can refer back to this GOC as long as you need to.  Choose the areas where you need to do the most work and rewatch the videos if you need to be re-motivated.

Join the T-T Get Organized Challenge Facebook group for added support, ideas and inspirations.
Know what type of crafter you are – it will help you make the best decisions about the types of storage supplies you need.  Learn more…

 Keep things together you use together – combine and conquer.   This includes keeping scraps with your full sized sheets of paper.  Remember the efficiency of your silverware drawer.

Stay with the system!  The 4 section system as well as the overall system of how you are thinking about sorting, organizing and storing all of your supplies.

Start small – Start now
Work in small batches regardless of what you’re sorting from photos to paper, any or all of it will become overwhelming if you don’t see some progress.  Small batches let you work start to finish and that helps your brain stay focused.

Watch the Week #12 Video

Totally-Tiffany Product Options
4 Level Stadium – I used this for desktop storage. I used the TT Die, stamp & stencil pockets in both small and medium sizes to store my red liner tape (small) and pop dots/glue dots (medium). Kirstin Buddy Bag – I used this to hold my back stock of foam tape, double-sided tape, etc. 4×6 Fab File with pockets or files – This size Fab File works well for storing pop dots, glue dots and other “sheet” type adhesives. 4×6 Fab File with pockets
4×6 Fab File with folders
For larger adhesive sheets try the 5×7 Fab File.
5×7 Fab File with pockets
5×7 Fab File with folders
Not finding what your need on the TT website – check Scrapbook.com, they carry the full line of TT products.

Slide, Stash & Store – 6 sizes, I used #2 for my adhesive stash. Gail Buddy Bag – perfect if you’re a tape runner junkie like me.
Hot Glue Gun Holder – a craft room basic.  Great for your hot glue gun, but also ideal for large tape runners like the ATG or XYRON Mega. Thank you for joining me on this 12 Week journey – I know you’ll be so glad you did!

Tiffany Spaulding
Tiffany Spaulding

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